Posted On: 02/23/17 6:45 PM

St. Croix Lutheran's Garett Maag may be the most under the radar player in the state that no one is talking about, and they really need to be. Maag's all of 6'3" and 185-190 lbs, and he really knows how to use his big frame well. That shows with his stats from his junior season where he averaged nearly 20 yards a catch on 34 receptions for 12 receiving touchdowns. 

You can see that burst from Maag when he cuts out of a route, or when he locates the ball in the air and shifts from second to third / fourth gear. He's also able to high point the ball and make plays after the catch as well. His route running still needs quite a bit of work to be cleaned up, but that's all things you can teach at the next level. 

If I were to guess what Minnesota wide receiver would be the first to receiver a division one offer, it'd be Maag. He runs well and shows burst and explosion at 6'3' - 6'4". Colleges can do a lot with a player like that.

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