Posted On: 06/15/17 3:30 PM

"I have always loved football and it's something I work for and look forward to all year," Waconia wide receiver Nolan Hoehn said to Northstar Football. "I have been a three-sport athlete for so long and I think that really helps me stay in shape for the fall. I play basketball which helps with hand-eye coordination and track which helps with endurance and agility. I have run varsity track since 8th grade for sprints and long jump. I actually broke the school record for long jump a couple weeks ago. It was a 42 year old record. In football, I think there are so many skill sets you need and each sport in the off season really adds to that. I think one of my biggest strengths in football is I am fast, have good hands, and can read the defense pretty well to find the right holes and routes I need to run. I do whatever is asked of me and am willing to play any role to help my team improve and win. I have also been the punter for the past three years and I actually really like it. Its another part of the team

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