Posted On: 08/18/17 12:00 PM

"I believe that as a player, one of the things I do best is my ability to flow to the ball and find a way  through the chaos of the line to make a play," Hastings athlete Trey Rogers said to Northstar Football. "When it comes to actually making the tackle, I feel I excel there as well. With all the wrestling I have done in my life, making a tackle is no different than getting a takedown. I also believe one of my greatest strengths as a player is my leadership. I've filled many leadership positions around the school, including being class president all three years and hoping for a fourth. Last year was really a great experience. I felt that on defense I was just completely locked in each week. Of course there always things to improve upon, but overall I felt that I usually put myself in the best position to make plays. And making plays is always enjoyable. One of the biggest highlights that come to mind actually happened on offense. I was playing a fullback type position and went out for a pass, and ended up making a 25 yard touchdown."

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