Posted On: 08/15/17 12:00 PM

"I play running back, some receiver, and this year will be playing outside linebacker as well," Lakeville South athlete Jeremiah Jacobson said to Northstar Football. "As a player I think I am very versatile. I will line up in "I" formation and run up the middle or I'll line up out by the numbers and run some fade routes. I am 6 foot 1 and hope to be 200 pounds by the season. That's pretty big for a high school running back .My speed is my biggest advantage though. My sophomore year I was third in the state for the 100m dash in track. This past season I was third in the 200m dash. I have school records for both. I run a 4.5 40 also, so it's a big confidence booster because I don't know anyone else that I play that is faster. Last season didn't go as planned for me as I really only played two games because in the very beginning of our third game I got hurt with a terrible ankle sprain. It practically took me out the rest of the season. That was disappointing because I worked so hard for that season and

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