Posted On: 08/9/17 12:00 PM

"I'd say a strength of mine is my arm strength and the ability of throwing the ball accurately down the field," Osseo quarterback Gregory Arrell said to Northstar Football. "I also consider myself a dual threat QB who can get out of the pocket and make plays with my feet as well as my arm. But I think something that separates me from many other athletes is my competitive nature, I just love to compete and at a high level. If I don't succeed the first time at something I almost become obsessive in a way on doing what needs to be done in order to change the results. We didn't get the results that we had hoped for, we finished 2-6. But something positive I can take away from last year is the motivation it brought the entire team. The Monday following our first round section lost we had a team meeting about what we plan to accomplish during the off-season and season, and so far the growth in team has been great. We only plan on going up from here. I'm excited to see what God has in plan for this team."

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