Posted On: 08/3/17 12:45 PM

"My best quality is my leadership, by example and verbally, I love to set the tone," Virginia defensive end Beau Foix said to Northstar Football. "Our season last year was rebuilding, the big time homecoming win, just because a lot happened before that game, I saved my teammates life, five days before that game. I got promoted to captain for this upcoming season."

A lot of training and camps this off-season for Foix. 

"This off-season I've been going to camps and working hard with teammates. I've improved a lot on my speed from track season and my pass rush I've been working hard at," Foix explained to Northstar Football. "My expectations are for my team to be one of the top teams in the section. And individually, strive to be on the all state team. I feel like our team is ready to really start turning some heads."

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