Posted On: 08/27/17 11:45 AM

"Last season was a little rocky being that I only played five games in total," Washburn running back Kavin Olive said to Northstar Football. "With only two actual games that I got to play all four quarters because of injuries but, when I got the ball in my hands I made up for the lost time and tried to be the best player I could be for my team on and off the field also I had one award which was the All District HM."

Olive is striving to play in each and every game as a senior. 

"The off-season was about mainly building confidence within myself, and making sure I was in the right state of mind to be a leader this season," Olive explained to Northstar Football. "I also was strengthening my body to avoid future injuries so I give myself the chance to develop as a player and play in college. Also last season I would like to say that my vision and awareness on the field had improved a lot more throughout season and has only been getting better over the time this summer. Which is why I feel like

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