Posted On: 12/1/17 2:00 PM

Real character is not revealed in victory but in defeat.

For most football players, it's easier to put in the work at practice if they're expecting the payoff of a win at the end of the week than practicing for a team that is struggling.

Three teams in Minnesota ended multi-season losing streaks in 2017. The character the players on those teams – especially the seniors who fought through multiple seasons of losing – showed what character, and growing up, is all about.

Northstar Football News spends a lot of time highlighting players and programs that do their fair share of winning -- for obvious reasons. We thought the three programs and their players earned recognition for their perseverance.

After trying to write this article in many different ways, it seemed like interjecting would only get in the way of the kids' words. Sure, each player and team had slightly different reasons for sticking it out, but the overall theme is clear: the kids were playing for something other than themselves.

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