Posted On: 10/21/18 4:33 PM

Wednesday night was the second time I have seen the Eden Prairie Eagles this season. The first time I watched them, they were beaten – in my opinion – soundly by Lakeville North. Now, Lakeville North has proven to be one of the best teams in the state, so in retrospect, it was not a bad loss. Because of the way they looked in that game and the fact that they were coming off a lackluster five-point win over what would end up being a .500 team in Eastview, I went away with a feeling that the Eagles were good, but maybe not as good as we are accustomed. They are not the typical Eagles team that dominates up front with a punishing ground game but based on their 21-0 victory over Edina – they are still one of the favorites to win another title.

The defense gave up yards to the Hornets, but they would bend, but would not break.

Felipe Izumi and Kyle Akins put early pressure on the quarterback and came up with a sack. Akins was one of the

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