Posted On: 11/19/18 7:09 PM

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Everyone who follows Minnesota high school football knows the name, Jason Williamson. He has been the cornerstone of the Owatonna Huskies' offense for the last number of years and is one of the main reasons they will be attempting to defend their Class AAAAA title this weekend. While Williamson was absurdly good in the Huskies' semi-final victory over Elk River, the rest of the team isn't half bad either.

The obvious place to start when talking about Owatonna is – of course – their all-world running back. Williamson is the complete package. He has good speed to the to the corner and good luck running him down from behind when he gets into the open field. With a tall, athletic build, Williamson runs somewhat upright. That doesn't seem to matter as he still has the power to break the tackles of much bigger defenders. The vertical style of running I believe helps his vision and helps him make quick cuts because the senior never seems to be off balance. He seems to glide when he runs – almost effortless.

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