Posted On: 11/20/18 9:07 PM

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There were not a lot of close football games during the Minnesota state high school semi-finals last weekend. Out of fourteen games, only two contests ended with the winning team up by one score or less. Of all the lopsided games, Willmar's 62-20 victory over St. Paul Johnson might have been the most impressive. The Cardinals' offense put up 41 points in the first half and only allowed seven points on defense until they gave up a couple of late scores long after the outcome was decided.

In a huge understatement, the Cardinals had a few individuals who put up impressive performances.

At the center of everything offensively for the Cardinals was quarterback Drey Dirksen. He is very mobile and runs the run-pass option game expertly. He is a real threat to run the ball too. The RPO action is not just window dressing. He ran ten times for 90 yards and three touchdowns.

Dirksen has a big arm but also – outside of a handful of slants in the middle of the game

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