Posted On: 02/5/19 1:30 AM

On paper, the Park Center Pirates' football team didn't appear to have a great season. They only won two games. On paper, Pirates' senior Marvin Njuguna didn't have the season he expected either. In both cases, the season laid the groundwork for bigger things for both in the future.

"I know the record didn't show it in terms of change, but I feel like the season was a big eye-opener for the juniors," Njuguna said. "Everybody has to want to win. There is no ‘we've got it next year.' You have got to want it now. I think the younger guys got that, and I feel like the program is about to change. I feel like the juniors and sophomores can start to change things, and I feel like the seniors this season started that change."

By the end of the year, Njuguna felt the Pirates were playing together.

"Sometimes people want to play ‘Me Ball,'" Njuguna explained. "I feel like we started to change that. We started to play as a team, and I think the senior guys helped the younger guys see that. We all

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