Posted On: 05/27/19 3:46 AM

In the second installment of the Dream Team series I'll be focusing on the defensive side of the ball. One thing to keep in mind with this series is that speed at LB is a premium, as is quickness for the defensive backs. Since there is no run game or pass rush during 7-on-7's, teams are able to consistently run complex passing concepts down after down. This can be an issue for defenders who train to stop some Minnesota offenses that might pass 12 times a game.

This means I selected players based on projected match ups in ways that may not align in-season. I'm also generally trying to get the best seven players on the field at the same time. So you will see a player or two not playing their traditional position. 

Now that that's out of the way, your Defensive Dream Team...



Aj Scaife (2020) - 6'4" 205 - Roseville

Looks like a daddy long legs at times from his apex linebacker/nickel/strong safety position. Flashes high-level coverage downfield and his length and feet for his size are definitely assets. Some hip tightness might force him into a box safety/big

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