Posted On: 07/4/19 11:04 PM

Oh, the 4th of July. A day full of patriotism, camaraderie, and fun, many people enjoy this holiday for the break from work, a day out in the sun, or to spend time with their families. What do I enjoy most about today you may ask? Fireworks of course! Nothing excites me more about today than seeing incredibly exciting and mesmerizing explosions come out of unexpected packages. With this spirit of combustion in mind, here's my Top 5 most explosive Minnesota Prep players and their firework counterparts.

#5. Kaden Johnson, SMB-LB/WR

Firework=M80. I felt obliged to incorporate a primarily defensive player on this list as a player's explosiveness is not limited to having the ball in your hands. Luckily for me, Kaden plays both ways. His explosiveness is obvious no matter what position he's playing. At 6'4 and 220 lbs, he is explosive with his first step when rushing the passer, he's explosive at the point of contact, and he's explosive at the point of the catch when playing receiver. With 8 sacks and 21 TFLs, it

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