Posted On: 07/9/19 3:46 AM

Few skills are more valuable to a running back at any level than decisiveness. Holes can close quickly on even the fastest of players and early penetration can cause hesitation that good defenders know how to exploit. In tight spaces it pays to make decisions quickly and without hesitation. Isaiah Smith of Benilde-St. Margaret's does this consistently well.

The 5'10" 190lb. rising senior ran a laser-timed 4.64 forty yard dash at a Nike The Opening event in Oakland and the time seems to fit his Hudl film. Smith runs away from cats with a burst that's visually aided by his smaller stature. Isaiah Smith's foot turnover and upright running style make him look a little like Nelly's character Earl Meggett from The Longest Yard (2005). The elite burst and speed is there. The elite lateral agility may not be yet. But Smith makes up for it by having a nice running skill-set.

The great divider for running backs is the ability to beat pursuit angles after having ran through waves of arm tackles. Backs that consistently contort their uppers and lowers to avoid tackles and maintain balance can do lots of damage. Smith does well to move his feet through contact

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