Posted On: 07/20/19 2:18 PM

It was a season of significant improvement for the Albert Lea Tigers' football program. Although they only won two games, for a team that won two games in the three years prior, it was a step in the right direction. It should proceed an even more significant jump in the win column in 2019. One of the Tigers' players also made a significant jump and is poised for even bigger things this fall. That player is Javarus Owens.

"We improved a lot from the season before and grew as a team," Owens said. "We started slow, but we picked it up the second half of the season and played to our potential. It was a good development year, and a good building block for next season."

At the mid-point of the season, the team made a significant jump. When the Tigers lost, it was by a score or less, and they picked up some wins down the stretch too.

"Our mentality changed," Owens explained. "Instead of letting the other team come to us, we started to dictate the game. We made teams change because of what we were doing."

Their style of play reflected the improved game results.

"When we

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