Posted On: 11/20/19 4:33 PM

Friday was the rematch of the 2018 Prep Bowl between the Caledonia Warriors and the Barnesville Trojans. The first quarter was a defensive battle, neither team was able to punch one into the end zone. The Warriors finally broke through in the second with QB Noah King scoring with a 3-yard plunge, WR and PAT holder Elijah King picked up a botched long snap and was able to fid his way into the end zone for a 2-point conversion. The Trojans answered right back with their QB Adam Tonsfeldt keeping the ball and sprinting around the edge for a 78 yard touchdown, they were not able to convert their 2-point try. After that Noah King went off slinging the ball all over the field, throwing 3 touchdown passes, two to brother Elijah (4 yd. and 5 yd.) and one to Cole Kronebusch from 32 yards out. Noah King went down with a cramp mid-drive, Elijah King took the reigns and kept the ball himself to finish the drive with a 17 yard scamper. Noah then came back in the game and capped Caledonia’s scoring with a 12 yard keeper. Barnesville did not give up and was able punch another one in with Tonsfeldt pounding his way in from 6 yards out, leaving the final score at 43-12.

Players Highlighted from Caledonia:

Quarterback/Defensive Back- Noah King took control of the game, after a slow start, he came back for 5 total touchdowns (3 pass, 2 rush), showing to very a very scary dual-threat QB. Defensively made many stops for loss against an impressive run team.

Wide Receiver/Defensive Back- Elijah King was a very trusty receiver with sure hands and tons of speed, did a good job filling in at a wildcat QB when Noah went down with an injury, keeping the offense scoring.

Wide Reciever- Cole Kronebusch was also a reliable target creating big plays in the pass game with speed and hands.

Offensive Line- Ezra Dvorak, Elias Dvorak, Isaac Denstad, Isaiah Forester, Skye Welch, & Ethan Jacobson– rotating these guys on a regular basis because they all do well at the same thing no matter what position on the line, creating holes for the run game and giving all the time in the world for the QB.

Defensive Lineman- Casey Schultz played a good game on defense, keeping the run game down for the opposing offense.

Running Back/Linebacker- Jed Kasten was a good, physical runner, and flew around defensively.

Players Highlighted from Barnesville:

Quarterback/Defensive Back- Adam Tonsfeldt did a great job running a misdirection offense, lots of deception and confusing plays and did not turn the ball over. He ran really hard and played physical with much bigger opponents, lots of speed and awareness coming out of the backfield.

Running Backs/Fullbacks- Hunter Anderson, Jackson Wahl, Cameron Heng were vital in the run offense, carrying out fakes and picking up yards when it was their turn to carry the ball.

Offensive Line- Brady Kroll, Connor Morse, Erik Anderson, Jonny Robideau, & Matt Samuelson– all did a great job holding their own against a very talented and big defensive line, keeping the run game in motion.

Tight Ends- Hunter Zenzen & Kaden Zenzen both blocked really well in the run game and had great speed to run routes when they passed.