Posted On: 12/24/19 3:20 PM

Today, Nate from Northstar Football News caught up with Northstar Football News kicking prospect Carson Cyr of the Anoka Tornadoes for his #ForTheBrand profile. We chatted about his strengths, his early college interest and why he’s a #ForTheBrand kicker and punter in the state of Minnesota.

Carson Cyr

Position: Kicker/Punter

High School Program: Anoka

Class: 2022, Sophomore

Get to Know Carson Cyr/His Strengths

Cyr has been the Tornadoes kicker and punter since his freshmen year at Anoka on varsity. His biggest strengths are his booming kickoffs which average 72 yards per kick. National Kicking Rankings (NKR) has Cyr ranked as the 1st ranked overall kicker in the class of 2022 and the 4th ranked overall punter as well in that class. Some of his notable kicking accolades are  Anoka High School MVP of Special Teams in October 2019, MN Elite Bomber Squad-October 2019, Wilson NKR Corner Kick Competitor, Indianapolis-2019, Wilson NKR Longest Kickoff Underclassman, Indianapolis-October 2019, Wilson NKR Underclassman Field Goals, Indianapolis-July 2019, and Wilson Football All American Elite Kicking Team, Indianapolis-July 2019. Those just listed, are excellent accolades #ForTheBrand as just a junior to be for the Anoka Tornadoes.

Favorite Parts About Being the Kicker

His favorite part about being a kicker in high school football is the “make or break situations when I am under pressure” Cyr told Northstar Football News. He said that added pressure gives Cyr the mindset that he can win the Tornadoes the game with just one kick of the leg. He also loves the atmosphere on special teams, which adds to the pressure of being a kicker, making sure you ram the other team with bad starting field position based on your kickoffs. He credited his head coach of the Tornadoes, Bo Wasurick for installing a new culture and energy of football in Anoka and should turn the Tornadoes into a winning program over the next few years.

College Interest

Cyr has just jumped into the recruiting process as a current sophomore for the Tornadoes. He told Northstar Football News that he “fully intends to play football in college” and is looking forward to chatting with many different programs to see how he fits in their equation. If you are looking to grow your special teams garden #ForTheBrand, take a look at Carson Cyr’s sophomore film here.

Carson’s Mentor

Cyr is another kicker and punter in Minnesota that has utilized the mentorship of Chris Husby of the National Kicking Rankings. He thanks Husby specifically for his “development and kicking technique” He has helped Carson stay focused and has continued growth since the time he started there. “Chris has opened my eyes to becoming a well-rounded kicker and punter and making me more diverse in the world of kicking,” He told Northstar Football News. Cyr is also a three-sport varsity athlete at Anoka, that helps him stay conditioned and well-rounded as a high school kicker and punter.

What Makes Carson Cyr a Minnesota #ForTheBrand Kicker?

Cyr said in his final statement that his kicking accuracy and the “time left” he has at the high school level, makes him a Minnesota #ForTheBrand high school kicker and punter out of Anoka High School.