Posted On: 12/31/19 8:00 AM

In today’s #ForTheBrand profile, we caught up with 2020 NFN prospect, Nathan Whiting of the Rosemount Irish. We chatted with him about his time as a kicker for the Irish, what’s on his recruiting trail, and much more.

Get to Know Nathan Whiting

Whiting was kind of a late bloomer as far as kicking, as he didn’t start kicking footballs until about 8th grade. Once his freshman year rolled around, he was all about it and started training competitively to be “the kicker” for the Rosemount Irish. Whiting was a known linebacker for Rosemount in which he stopped playing the position during his sophomore year with the Irish. Talk about a change of environment from hitting people regularly to kicking the ball through the uprights consistently. Whiting told Northstar Football News, that his main strength is his field goal kicking, as he’s 18/24 in his varsity career with the Irish on field goals.

Best Parts About Being an HS Kicker

Whiting said the best parts about kicking for Rosemount is making your practice schedule around how you feel. “Some days my leg was tired and needed rest and I got to choose if I wanted to rest it or not because I had the option to,” Whiting told Northstar Football News. In simple terms, kicking is a lot like a job where you are not micromanaged, it’s not a matter of the time in the office it’s how productive you are during that time.

College Interest

Whiting currently holds a walk-on offer from the Bison of North Dakota State thus far. Other interest wise, it’s been between NDSU, Western Illinois, St. Thomas, and Valparaiso as programs that are looking to grow their garden with Nathan Whiting in the equation as their main man for the brand of kickers.

Improvements Made By Whiting During the Offseason

Before this season, Whiting knew the Irish were losing their punter and he knew it would be his role in the 2019 football season. Whiting started including punting in his routine regularly and his hard work paid off, as he landed 6 punts inside the 20-yard line this season for the Irish special teams unit.

Nathan’s Mentors

Whiting’s first mentor is known well in our #ForTheBrand profiles and that is Chris Husby from the Special Teams Academy and National Kicking Rankings. Husby was the first kicking coach Whiting ever had in his freshmen year at Rosemount and he’s taken camps and clinics with him ever since them. Chris was able to introduce him to someone special who was a Rosemount alum, Ken Becka who also helps train kickers but shares the same high school as Whiting. It got even better when Becka volunteered to coach the Rosemount Irish in Whiting’s junior and senior years. Every game, Becka would be right by Whiting’s side pushing him mentality and physically to get better and better and did get way better.

Why Is Nathan Whiting a Minnesota #ForTheBrand Kicker?

Whiting told us that his “kicking legacy” as having the 4th most made field goals (18) in Minnesota history, makes him a #ForTheBrand kicker in our fine state of Minnesota.