Posted On: 12/24/19 3:14 AM

See these six names at wide receiver who are underclassmen to watch next year in Minnesota high school football.

Mario Sanders Mario Sanders 5'10" | WR MPLS North | 2022 State MN , Wide Receiver, Minneapolis North, 2022

Sanders is a flawless receiver. He can gather the deep ball, accelerate off a screen for 6 points, can run trick plays in the backfield. It’s a scary thought for the City Conference that this kid’s only going to be a junior next year and almost averaged 30 yards per catch last season. Look for his receptions number to go up from 28 as well, Sanders also gets his main man at QB1 Zach Yeager Zach Yeager 6'2" | QB Minneapolis North | 2021 State MN back next year.

Bryce Lance Bryce Lance 6'2" | WR Marshall | 2021 State MN , Wide Receiver, Marshall, 2021

Lance is a receiver that will wear out your cornerback out of his shoes. Brother of NDSU QB Trey Lance Trey Lance QB Marshall | 2018 State MN , Lance comes from a great football pedigree family as well as the best football program in Southwest Minnesota. He’s going to be dangerous in 2020.

Blake Walthall Blake Walthall 6'1" | WR Moorhead | 2021 State MN , Wide Receiver, Moorhead, 2021

Walthall is a route running machine. He’s not the most flashy receiver you will ever see, but he gets open pretty easily. And by the way, he gets Nate’s top 4 quarterbacks in Minnesota back in Trey Feeney Trey Feeney 6'2" | QB Moorhead | 2021 State MN back in 2020.

Ben Wehyee Ben Wehyee ATH Brooklyn Center | 2021 State MN , Wide Receiver, Brooklyn Center, 2021

Wehyee’s acceleration off the snap is what makes him a standout on this underclassmen list of receivers. He’s an extremely elusive wide receiver that will juke you out of your shoes if you are not careful in your secondary.

Trey Longstreet Trey Longstreet 6'7" | TE Delano | 2021 State MN , Wide Receiver, Delano, 2021

Longstreet lives up to the long in his name. At 6’6, he is a matchup nightmare for any corner in Minnesota. Plays very more of a tight end prototype similar to Kyle Rudolph, not extremely fast, but has incredible hands that catches any ball thrown near him, a definite possession receiver for the Tigers

Mitchell January, Wide Receiver, Richfield, 2022

January is a solid route runner and has excellent hands as well. This junior to be looking to be the meat of the Richfield Trojans offense next year. He also is an extremely good hitter on the defensive side of the ball.