Posted On: 01/14/20 3:43 AM

If i'm to be completely honest I'd say that I get absolutely giddy anytime I hear an unranked Minnesota player is getting interest from the Gophers. Something about the possibility of a nobody from the Twin Cities getting elevated to the national spotlight gets me genuinely excited.

That's part of the reason why I think Tyler Johnson is so important to Minnesota football. His records will be broken, but his significance to the cities cannot be understated. It's because of players like him that I get excited about players like Omar Brown, who starred this past year at UNI, and Michael Olowo out of Rogers, MN.

Like Brown, Olowo has the measurables and physicality that you want out of a Power 5 corner. Where he surpasses Brown is in his raw athletic ability. Olowo is fast. Not just fast, I mean legitimately sub-11 second 100m dash fast. He's not exactly Tyreke Hill against Minnesota competition, but he shows the type of reactive speed and agility that will make him an asset for a D1 program. Read on to see why I think he'll be the next local DB to generate NFL interest.


Michael Olowo - CB - 6'0

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