Posted On: 01/22/20 12:02 AM

ST. PAUL-- This recruiting report puts Northstar Football News in the heart of St. Paul as we chat with 2020 NFN prospect Ethan Mills a middle linebacker and fullback from St. Paul Central who has yet to find a home to play football next season. We chatted with Mills about his time with the Minutemen, his recruiting trail, and much more.

Get to Know Ethan Mills

Mills started his career at Central as a lineman but ended it on offense at fullback and defense at middle linebacker. Mills was also a monster this season on special teams. When his fellow Minutemen on the punt block team got injured, Mills stepped in and blocked 7 punts/field goals in just 5 games of action on special teams. His biggest asset to his game is his strength. Mills is a big dog in the weight room, as he power cleans 345, bench presses 355, and can squat 510 pounds of weight. That strength contributes to the field, to Mill's ability to shed blocks and drive ball carriers backward on defense. On the offensive side of the ball, Mills was also great at fullback, as he won All-District Offensive Player of the Year, which is a

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