Posted On: 01/7/20 2:33 AM

One of the cooler and more underrated aspects of writing for Northstar Football News is uncovering, tracking, and hyping up the younger upcoming prep recruits the state of Minnesota has to offer. Getting ahead on the recruiting trail of a future potential highly rated recruit and helping to disperse their film and get their name out there as a underclassmen is a very cooling feeling as a writer in my position. I also can’t help but think a good one has been found with this newest recruit for this report: Rochester John Marshall 2022 grad Peter Ladu. The 6’0, 165 lb. sophomore is about to enter his third year of high school and is poised to make some waves coming up in Minnesota after playing JV football for JM in 2019 and having a statistically impressive year. Ladu has the measurables and attitude of a future scholarship athlete, and I’m very fortunate to be one of the first writers he contacted. Check out this first-look, exclusive interview with the 2022 grad as we discuss his football career thus far, playing football for Rochester John Marshalland some of his hopes for recruiting. Hope you enjoy! Sophomore Season Hudl

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