Posted On: 02/7/20 3:21 PM

WACONIA-- Nate from Northstar Football News caught up with Waconia Wildcat Sam Mcenelly who is a 2021 NFN prospect that is the meat of the offense fullback, and also plays middle linebacker too. We talked to Sam about his season, his recruiting trail, and much more.

Get to Know Sam Mcenelly/Sam's Strengths

Mcenelly is a strong player that works hard and unlike most fullbacks, has electric speed. He also is a strong tackler and big hitter at middle linebacker which if I am a coach, those are the ideal traits I'm looking for at linebacker. His biggest strengths at fullback are his ability to hit his gaps, see the lane, and douse the defense with his downhill running ability.

Favorite Parts About Both Positions

"Making big hits on every play," that's what Sam told Northstar Football News is his favorite thing at fullback and middle linebacker. I think sometimes people forget just how important fullbacks are to paving the front lanes for the running back to sneak thru to get their yards. Fullbacks go to war for their guys behind them in the backfield.

College Interest/Upsell to College Coaches

At this time, Mcenelly isn't entertaining tons of interest but has a

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