Posted On: 04/22/20 10:33 PM

One of the NFL's legendary tough guy stories involves Los Angeles Rams' Jack Youngblood's Super Bowl. Although the Rams lost to the Pittsburg Steelers in Super Bowl XVI, one of the things that have been remembered – and will be remembered – is the fact that future Hall of Fame linebacker Youngblood played the game with a broken leg. If you tell that story to Edgerton's Mason Gilbertson and he might say – cleaned up because he is, of course, a minor – hold my pop.

"I broke my leg about halfway through the second game of the season," Gilbertson said. "I only missed one game. I broke my fibula completely in half about three inches below my knee cap. I bought a knee pad, and before every game, I would tape it on to give it some cushion. I found out at the five-week mark that it was broken. I thought I was dealing with something with a muscle. I didn't know I was dealing with a broken leg. Before that, I went into chiropractors and finally went into a doctor. They took an x-ray, but they took the x-ray too low on my leg and didn't see the

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