Posted On: 04/4/20 7:30 PM

BLAINE– Specialists. That consists of kickers, punters, and what we are talking about today at Northstar Football News, Long Snappers. We all forget who the snaps the ball 15+ yards to the punter, who snaps the field goals 7-10 yards, and who takes care of snapping the ball for the extra point. Folks will say, snapping is easy but it’s certainly not. we caught up with Blaine Bengals long snapper Ramon Sotelo about his role with Bengals. We’ll chat about his strengths, his recruiting trail, and much more.

Get to Know Ramon Sotelo

One year ago, the Blaine Bengals didn’t have a long snapper on their roster. Soleto tells us, he had done it in the past but was just “ok” at the position. After meeting with Blaine punter Brian Knudslien about the position, Knudslien got in contact with National Kicking Rankings coach Chris Husby about Ramon, which got Sotelo excited and he’s been the Bengals long snapper ever since. The long snapper role is not the only role Sotelo plays, as he’s also on Blaine’s defensive line and took on another new position on the offensive line at center. Sotelo told NFN his biggest strengths are his ability to learn new roles and techniques faster than some as well as noticing the opponent’s flaws and capitalizing on them.

Best Parts about Long Snapper

“I’m the guy everyone counts on for the punt or extra point,” Sotelo said as snapping that ball gives Sotelo that adrenaline rush he needs to be successful on his next given play for the Blaine Bengals.

College Interest/Elevator Pitch

Sotelo has heard from the likes of Grand View University (Iowa) and Concordia-St. Paul for his college-level interested parties in his football talents. Sotelo has also done his own reaching out vs. having colleges reaching out to him. He’s contacted the Jackrabbits of SDSU, which he thinks fits what he’s looking for in education, and fulfilling his childhood dream of playing Division I football. As for Sotelo’s elevator pitch, he had this to say for the college coaches out there looking:

To any and all schools, I’m ready to learn and win no matter what position you put me in at the next level. I’m going to always put nothing but 100% effort into it for the team.

Offseason Work

Quickness is something the Blaine coaching staff wants Sotelo working on this offseason, and he’s worked hard on it. “I’ve been working day and night recording my work in the morning and watching the film at night seeing and trying different techniques to perfect my snap.”

Ramon’s Mentor

Known from the Minnesota #ForTheBrand specialist tree, Ramon’s mentor is Chris Husby of the Special Teams Football Academy and National Kicking Rankings. “He’s pushed me to be better, and I wouldn’t be here and getting noticed by college programs if it wasn’t for him,” Sotelo said about his mentor in Husby.

Why is Ramon Sotelo a #ForTheBrand Minnesota Specialist?

“I’m a #forthebrand specialist because I’m willing to put hours of work into my position so then my team can rely on me and know I’ll get the job done.”

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