Posted On: 04/14/20 10:51 PM

PLYMOUTH– Northstar Football News got the chance this week to catch up with former Robbinsdale Armstrong kicker and product of the SEC, Matthew Jaeger Matthew Jaeger K Robbinsdale Armstrong | 2018 State MN who played for Missouri as a freshman, but has now put his name in the transfer portal. We checked in with Matthew Jaeger Matthew Jaeger K Robbinsdale Armstrong | 2018 State MN about what he’s looking for his next college football program, his elevator pitch to his next school, and much more!

Get to Know Matthew Jaeger Matthew Jaeger K Robbinsdale Armstrong | 2018 State MN

Jaeger got into kicking after hearing from a friend on the football team during his days at Robbinsdale Armstrong that the Falcons needed a kicker. Much like most specialists, Jaeger his start in kicking from the game of soccer as his freshman year he played on the Falcons varsity soccer team and played four freshmen football games, as soccer and football are in the same season in Minnesota. Sophomore year, Jaeger was asked to come up to varsity football for the Falcons of Robbinsdale Armstrong, which was the same year he meets STFA co-owner and kicking trainer Chris Husby. Husby pitched Jaeger as a player that could kick at the next level. After hearing that, Jaeger gave up on soccer after his sophomore year to strictly focus on football and becoming a specialist for the Falcons. After participating in kicking camps all over the country, and getting ranked by many kicking services, Jaeger as a late bloomer in the class of 2018, made the last-minute decision to attend the University of Missouri in the SEC.

What Matthew’s Looking For Next

Coming from the SEC, Jaeger is looking for a program that is competitive and that strives for being the best. That said program also needs to be a program that helps all of their athletes become the best they can whether they are a specialist, defensive end, etc. as all team development is key for Matthew Jaeger Matthew Jaeger K Robbinsdale Armstrong | 2018 State MN .

Matthew’s Elevator Pitch to His Next School

I love to get elevator pitch’s on our site for one reason, it shows you off. Here is what Jaeger had to say about himself to whichever school seeks his talents next:

I’m a guy that can help fuel that competitive fire a team and a specialist group need to be the best. I look at tough workouts and situations as fun and I’ll always be pushing my teammates and myself to get the most out of every opportunity we get to get better.

Matthew’s Strengths

Jaeger told NFN he believes these three items are his biggest strengths. “My attitude, my effort, and my ability to be a team guy,” Jaeger said as he loves to push his fellow teammates as they can all succeed together as one.

Matthew’s Mentor

Matthew said he’s had tons of mentors pave the way for his career as a specialist, but Chris Husby of the Special Teams Football Academy has kept up with him to his college days at Mizzou. “He’s been with me since day one,” Jaeger said about Husby. Jaeger said there is a long list of coaches and kickers that have paved him in the right direction when it comes to football and kicking.

Learning as an SEC Specialist

With competing as a kicker in the mighty SEC, Jaeger has learned you can’t make excuses if you want to be the best. Learning under guys like Corey Fatony and Tucker McCann who were both great mentors to Jaeger at Mizzou, showed him what “best” looked like and showed him what he had to do if he wanted to succeed at the level they both did.

What Makes Jaeger Excited for His Next Steps in CFB

A new beginning for Jaeger has a lot in store for his next steps. ” I love going into new situations and meeting new people and just figuring things out again,” Jaeger said about his new start. Going back to finding a program that supports him, a program that builds great success, and creating new long-lasting relationships with coaches and teammates are some of the specifics Jaeger is seeking in his next college football program, wherever that may be.