Posted On: 05/13/20 3:16 AM

Northstar Football News has been providing year-round coverage of high school football in Minnesota since 2013. We launched in conjunction with Northstar Hoops and Northstar Girls Hoops, two websites covering high school basketball in the state of Minnesota. In 2014, we moved our boys’ basketball site to a new platform and began national expansion under the name Prep Hoops. In 2018, we began the expansion of our girls’ basketball network, Prep Girls Hoops.

After, our Prep Hoops and Prep Girls Hoops networks have grown to include 34 and 27 states respectively, and we’ve added a network of 10 volleyball sites under the name Prep Dig. Following the expansion of our basketball and volleyball networks, we’ve had coaches, parents, and players from across the country request the same type of coverage for high school football.

On Thursday, we begin the expansion of our football network, Prep Redzone. We’ll be launching Prep Redzone with two states: Minnesota and Illinois.

What does that mean?

  • If you visit, you’ll be redirected to
  • If you currently subscribe to, your subscription will automatically be transferred over to You’ll have the same log-in credentials, access, and subscription.
  • Moving to this platform will allow us more flexibility to build and customize football events, recruiting services, and more that we can’t offer on the current website.
  • Most importantly, you’ll still get the same great year-round coverage of high school football in Minnesota, along with easy access to Illinois and a growing network of states, should you choose to subscribe.

We’re thrilled to continue bringing our high-quality product to Minnesota and the country this spring and summer. The @NorthstarFN twitter account will remain active under the new name @PrepRedzoneMN and you can follow our national account at @PrepRedzone.