Miami Palmetto standout Jason Marshall Jr is among the best corners in Florida this year. But today, we bring you five others to keep an eye on: Noah Biglow (Seffner Armwood), Charles Brantley (Venice), Rance Conner (Miami Booker T. Washington), Robert Simmons (Jacksonville Sandalwood) and Devonte Wilson (Quincy Munroe).

Posted On: 07/28/20 11:52 AM


PLAYER: Jason MarshallJasonMarshall6'1" | DBMiami Palmetto | 2021StateFL Jr


SCHOOL: Miami Palmetto

CLASS: 2021




THE SCOOP ON MARSHALL. It may sound a bit crazy, but when you watch a talent like this live, some 10 times in two seasons, you cannot be wrong about the many things an athlete does.

When all is said and done, this is an football player who has the opportunity to be one of the best at his position in the country. He does so many things well – and at the same time – will dominate the opponent with his overall athletic ability and superior skill.

As many continue to evaluate talent once or twice, they often miss the little things that football players bring to the table. Yes, Marshall is a big time defensive back, but he has proven that as a receiver, very few defensive backs can harness him throughout the course of a game.

As a punt returner, his value has proven to spark his team and add yet another dimension to his game.

On a team loaded with major football talent, here is a shining star that is as good as they come – at any level.



Marshall is certainly one of Florida’s elite secondary talents in the Class of 2021, but there are more. Check out these 5 impressive prospects:

Noah Biglow, 6-0, 175, Seffner Armwood. There is no getting around the talent that this program has long produced. Here is yet another of those quality football prospects who happens to be one of the best cover corners around. A physical football player who is technically sound, always knows where the ball is and will be the first to jump a route or take a chance to help benefit his team. Superb ball skills.


Charles BrantleyCharlesBrantley6'0" | DBVenice | 2021FL, 6-0, 175, Venice. Here is a talent that you need to think about first when you are throwing in his direction. This Michigan State commit has outstanding ball skills, plays a very smart game, always one step ahead and thinking about what he can do to turn the tide of a game for the Indians. Certainly someone who will be a major plus at the next level.


Rance ConnerRanceConner5'10" | DBMiami Booker T. Washington | 2021FL, 5-10, 175, Miami Booker T. Washington. Watching this quality football talent, you can see right away what he brings to the table. Covers, reads plays, has tremendous ball skills, is not afraid to take a chance, shows hisleadership and is ultra smart. A University of Louisville commitment, there are very few prospects in this class who have lined up against better competition – week after week – than just about anyone.


Robert SimmonsRobertSimmons5'9" | DBJacksonville Sandalwood | 2021FL, 5-9, 165, Jacksonville Sandalwood. If you are a quarterback – or happen to play the receiver position – you had better know where this young man is before you snap the ball. He is all over the place, and perhaps disguises his coverages as good as anyone his age. Not only is he outstanding on coverage, but this is someone who can tackle, and he has shown that if you are going to run his way, chances are you aren’t going too far.


Devonte WilsonDevonteWilson6'2" | DBQuincy Munroe | 2021FL, 6-3, 190, Quincy Munroe. Here is one of the more physical corners that you are going to find. While many want to place him at the safety position – because of his size – it’s best to watch this Kansas commit play. He is truly one of those football talents, while being a tough young man, is fluid enough to cover. One ofn the prospects that many could be underrating. He is a gamer. Someone that you need in your defensive secondary.


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