The Senior Class Is Once Again Stacked With Talent. We Will Check Out Keegan Davis, Denver Griffis, Jacob Spafford, Javarie White & Ryan Worley,

Posted On: 07/21/20 10:05 AM

No matter where you look in the state of Florida, the talent is endless and truly overlooked.

Especially in this cycle when college coaches cannot get out, and certainly very few events area held, which has hampered the exposure of so many gifted athletes.

The reason we have been different over the years than many others who follow recruiting is we get the chance to see these under-the-radar prospects that many will ignore, in favor of getting the more high profile players out there.

If you have followed high school football long enough, you know and fully understand that there are so many talented prospects who are pushed off to the side and ignored.

What we will do here at Prep Redzone Florida is uncover those football players and give them the exposure that they truly deserve to college coaches and the fans who support them.

As we do each and every day, we bring you athletes in all classes. Today, it’s back to 2021, an impressive group of seniors:

Keegan DavisKeeganDavis6'3" | LBPort St. Lucie Treasure Coast | 2021FL, LB/TE/LS, Port St. Lucie Treasure Coast. Here is a talented young man who has been on the radar for a number of years, helping the Titans turn the corner in a region that has more than its share of talent. Has remained in the spotlight by attending events and playing at a high level.


Denver Griffis, DE, Bushnell South Sumter. If you looking for a reason why head coach Ty Lawrence and the Raiders have been able to close the gap and make a push in the region, here is one of those catalysts. There is no getting over the impact a true playmaker can make, and he has done everything possible to give this program a boost.


Jacob Spafford, DB/Athlete, Orlando Lake Highland Prep. This is a dream for any college. Someone who is versatile to play five different positions on both sides of the ball – and make an impact wherever he lines up. Receiver, quarterback, defensive back special teams. When you have an athlete like this, he gives a college coach plenty to sell him to the rest of the coaching staff. Big time team player.


Javarie White, RB, Lake Placid. Easily one of the most overlooked running backs in Florida. Here is a serious impact player with a passionate work ethic. No matter where he goes, he is singled out for the way he approaches the game. Was instrumental in leading the Green Dragons to a rare post season playoff game in 2019. Keep you eye on this young man.


Ryan Worley, OL, Pensacola West Florida. We all know that the Panhandle is by far the least recruited area of the state, and that’s why it’s important to watch a lineman like this. Very athletic, whistle-to-whistle kind of player, who is so much fun to watch on running plays. It’s not unusual to find him 30 yards up field chasing plays, which is something that college coaches just love to see. He is also a solid pass blocker with great feet, strength and knowledge of playing the position. This is someone who would be getting major attention if he were paying in the center part of the state. He has so much potential.


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