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Posted On: 07/1/20 8:21 PM

ROCHESTER– I’ve always said from a recruiting aspect that being recruited #ForTheBrand is a tough task in itself. With the number of players needed being much smaller as far as needs of kickers, punters, and long snappers you need to be so good to play at the next level because of the limited spots versus say a linebacker, wide receiver, etc.  In Minnesota, you have 4 years or more to prove yourself as a viable specialist that wants to play football at the next level. For 2020 prospect Brian Jeon, his path has been even harder, as in Minnesota, international students are only allowed to play 1 year of varsity football versus the rest of the field that can play much longer.

We caught up with Rochester Lourdes K/P Brian Jeon to learn about his from South Korea to Rochester and to see if we can help him get a roster spot at the college level!

Get to Know Brian Jeon

Jeon just finished up his senior year as a part of the Eagles from Rochester Lourdes. He’s been living in Minnesota since his freshman year where he started with the game of soccer as a freshman. Jeon’s host dad, Corey Tauer saw that after his freshman year that Brian try out kicking because of his great leg on the soccer field. “I didn’t know kickers and punters were a thing,” Jeon told Prep Redzone Minnesota when he first started the game of football. After giving kicking a shot, Jeon found a great love for it. It only took one time kicking for Jeon to find out that football is his sport he should pursue further. Jeon’s biggest strengths when kicking the ball are thinking about “the positives, and not about screwing up.” He’s learned quickly that kicking has to be your mentality to perform well at ait.

“Bests” About Kicking and Punting

“Being one of a kind,” Jeon says is one of the best parts of being a kicker and punter on a high school football field. He knows when he’s on the field the game is in his hands and all it takes is one kick or punt to change the game. Kickers and punters are always under pressure and if Jeon makes a kick, the excitement level doubles, as he’s done his job for the Eagles.

Recruiting/Elevator Pitch

Jeon although a 2020 prospect still has his eyes on the prize even into the school year. He’s shooting to have an open tryout at Purdue this school year and has interest from St. Thomas, Gustavus, Augsburg, St. Johns, Sioux Falls, and the University of Mary.

Jeon told us this with his elevator pitch to the college coaches that might be listening:

The elevator pitch would be school work. I always put academics first, then athletics second. I also motivate our team when we are struggling. I tell my teammates to get their heads up when we are losing or when our teammates made a bad play.

Work Ons

The biggest thing Jeon has learned is “stretching and being consistent” will be the biggest thing every specialist needs to work out. It should be no surprise that kicking is a work of arts and crafts, and Jeon worked over an hour each day going into his senior season to make sure he was ready to play for Rochester Lourdes in the fall.

Brian’s Mentors

Jeon has four mentors that rallied his attitude towards football and the craft of becoming a kicker and punter. Corey Tauer pointed Brian in the right direction to making him a kicker on the football field. He also has learned from our good friends, Chris Husby and Brian Jackson of National Kicking Rankings where Jeon is a 4.5 out of 5 kicking prospect under their excellent tutelage. He also has to thank Mike Kesler, head coach of the Rochester Lourdes Eagles for teaching him so much on and off the field whether it was kicking related or not.

What Makes Brian Jeon a #ForTheBrand Kicker?

This is what Brian’s statement was on what makes him #ForTheBrand:

I would say since international students are only allowed to play one year of varsity football, I had to work my butt off every day to get myself out there in the recruiting process and on the next level. Because I wanted to play college football so bad, I decided to play JV football even though I was a senior. I wanted to show the coaches how desperate I am to play in the next level which would be a dream come true.


You can check out Jeon’s senior film below. If you are still looking for a specialist to round out your roster, give Brian Jeon a look!