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Posted On: 07/21/20 6:00 AM

Today, we will be taking a deep dive into Malvern Preparatory High School’s loaded 2020 offense that consists of 6 total prospects who find themselves on our rankings. This is a versatile offense that can hit you from every direction. Malvern Prep deploys wideouts with size and wideouts who can beat you in space, and a tandem of running backs who can absolutely run through you or past you. Not too mention their quarterback has committed to play his college ball at Penn State, to play wide receiver, that is. The offense goes as far as the offensive line takes it, and it all starts with the absolute behemoth they have playing at center.

Lonnie White JrLonnieWhite Jr6'2" | QBMalvern Prep School | 2021StatePA. – QB/WR

6’2″, 195lbs, Class of 2021

As mentioned above, Malvern Prep’s senior quarterback will most likely be playing wideout for the Nittany Lions this time next year, so we will take a look at White through a receiving scouting lens. White stands as our 13th best senior prospect who is a total pleasure to watch. He’s electrifying under center or when catching bombs. This playmaker has great some of the best hands Pennsylvania can offer and can outright jump with even the best defensive backs. He displays a seamless release, efficient in his setups and stems so that he can focus on accelerating past corners which he does early and often. He does a great job not allowing defenders access to his chest when attempting to jam, showing he is a pretty skilled hand fighter at the line of scrimmage. He primarily gives reps outside the numbers, where he can show off his stride and elite ball tracking skills. He has a short and intermediate game too, White can make a whole lot out of simple screen and slants. He displays great balance in and out of cuts, he can be trusted to not cut routes off early or telestrate, always keeping his feet underneath him. Albeit very small nitpick, I would like to see him catch the ball away from his body more routinely. He does a great job of this when going vertical, fade routes in the endzone and on one-on-one jump balls, but for the not so spectacular hitches and out routes.

Kellen MathiasKellenMathias6'1" | WRMalvern Prep School | 2021StatePA – WR

6’1″, 185LBS, Class of 2021

Mathias is a smart player who’s best trait is his awareness as a pass-catcher. Mathias, who also gets reps at outside linebacker for Malvern Prep, is special when working the middle of the field. He doesn’t have blazing speed or elite hands but that doesn’t stop this kid from being one of the team’s top producers on offense. Mathias shows good foot quickness and good change of direction ability which really makes him a hard cover when manipulating zone defenses. He can find and sit in holes against a zone at an elite level and can be any quarterbacks best friend. He’s a clear team-first player who gives a ton of effort when blocking for his teammates. He is a coach’s dream, being able to play anywhere is asked of him, inside, outside, or in the slot. Would really like to see him improve his technique when releasing. He doesn’t display the best acceleration, so really refining his release could help create separation and boost his stock.

D’Angelo StockerD’AngeloStocker5'11" | WRMalvern Prep School | 2022StatePA – WR

5’11″, 155lbs, Class of 2022

Stocker, the first of two junior prospects on this piece, can do it all. He gives reps at wide receiver, corner, and contributes as a special teamer, returning kicks. Stocker’s elusiveness and open field quickness is utilized in every way. Malvern Prep loves to have the ball in his hands as much as possible, featuring him in screens, bubbles behind the line of scrimmage, and jet sweeps. You name it, Stocker can handle it. Stocker needs more reps, like many juniors, to refine his footwork and fluidity in and out of breaks, which will come in time. Stocker has possesses uncoachable traits that will keep his stock rising, like his above-average ball skills and breakaway speed.

Steven Rose JrStevenRose Jr5'10" | RBMalvern Prep School | 2021StatePA. – RB/DB

5’10″, 185lbs, Class of 2021

One look at his junior Hudl tape and its very clear Rose Jr. is a special box safety. However, this is not a piece on Malvern Prep’s defense. Don’t worry though, Rose Jr. is one hell of a contributor when playing running back. On defense, he plays a ferocious style of football bringing the energy and boom with every tackle. Ironically he plays the same way on offense too! Now his reps are slightly limited and are situational but he makes the most of them and can even surprise opposing teams with his vision, bounce ability, and home-run speed. He thrives running between the tackles and can be guaranteed to consistently fall forward for extra yardage.

Isaiah WrightIsaiahWright5'8" | RBMalvern Prep School | 2022StatePA – RB

Photo: @02Iwright

5’8″, 170lbs, Class of 2022

Isaiah WrightIsaiahWright5'8" | RBMalvern Prep School | 2022StatePA is your more traditional running back who is natural and fluid when carrying the ball. Malvern Prep runs a ton of off-tackles runs out of shotgun which really bodes well paired with Wright’s best trait, his patience. His patience and decisiveness help create running lanes that may not have presented themselves if not for his natural instinct at running back. He’s an elusive back and can definitely be described as slippery. We talked about his counterpart and the thud he brings under his pads. Wright doesn’t carry the same boom Rose does, but this does not take away from Wright’s toughness as a runner. He can be relied on to fight for extra yardage and repeatedly won’t go down easily.  He also contributes as a kick returner with D’Angelo StockerD’AngeloStocker5'11" | WRMalvern Prep School | 2022StatePA. We’d like to see Isaiah be more of a contributor in the passing game, as his build and elusiveness are ideal to excel in that aspect. Now it could be scheme, rather than ability as to why he isn’t featured more in the passing game, but having his hands on display could really be a deciding factor for his future hype.

Coltin DeeryColtinDeery6'4" | OLMalvern Prep School | 2021StatePA – C/OG

Photo: @DeeryColtin

6’4″, 275lbs, Class of 2021

Our final Malvern Prep prospect may be the unit’s most important one. Coltin DeeryColtinDeery6'4" | OLMalvern Prep School | 2021StatePA, a wrestling medalist who boasts a 3.81 GPA, primarily plays center for Prep, also contributing at guard. Deery possesses awesome upper body strength, which is where most of his game relies on. Good luck shedding his block if he’s able to get underneath your pads and lockout his arms. He’s a cerebral player who understands the offense inside and out and can be trusted as the offense’s leader to hold the rest of his teammates accountable. Deery displays promising footwork when playing inside. He shows great fluidity as a pulling guard and moves upfield well and with a purpose. He can really explode out his stance and find his target when blocking for Rose Jr. and Wright. Our 93rd best senior in all of Pennsylvania gives his all play in and play out. When you can see that effort on film, you know you have a special player. I personally think Deery will climb our rankings even further so long as he continues on his current path of development.