Kylan Wilson

Posted On: 08/31/20 3:30 PM

There are going to be several new faces at the quarterback position across the state. Several look like they have the talent to help take their teams to the next level in 2020. Comfort with the offense and camaraderie with the receivers will be key to develop as practices kick off on September 7. Ahead, we will take a look at four brand new varsity starting quarterbacks. We will take a look at their strengths based off their film from the junior varsity level and take a look at their potential of playing at the college level.

Austin KutzAustinKutz6'5" | QBHartford Union | 2023StateWI, 2023- Hartford

Homestead TD Pass

Austin has all the tools you could want in a high school QB. Elite size, can put a lot of zip on the ball, can put the ball anywhere it needs to be, accurate, and has the needed athleticism to threaten defenses with his legs. Over the next year or two, I believe we will see Austin become the unanimous QB1 in the state. It is hard to believe he is only going to be a sophomore this season. It is going to be fun to watch him over the next three seasons.

I expect him to land a ton of interest and offers as he goes through his high school career. Not only in football. Austin is a legitimate baseball player also. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go Division one in football and play baseball along the way.

Robert BloomRobertBloomQBBrookfield Central | 2022StateWI, 2022- Brookfield Central

Bloom’s Highlights

Bloom is going to be fun to watch. When you watch his 2019 highlights it jumps off the screen how well he can improvise and make something out of nothing. He also has a strong ability to buy time in the pocket and will threaten defenses with his legs thanks to his athleticism. Robert has a nice arm too. He can make most throws with good velocity and then you add in his quick release and ability to make throws on the run and you get a really nice dual threat option at QB. We are also going to get a good sense of his leadership traits as he takes the reigns for one of the more talented teams in the state.

As for the next level, I think that Robert will be an option for college teams. For sure he is a division 3 prospect, but with a strong junior and senior season he looks like he could develop into a prospect that lands division 2 interest as well.

Jackson Neal, 2022- Waukesha North

Sophomore Season Highlights

The name of Jackson’s game is touch and anticipation. He doesn’t have a cannon for an arm, but what he does do is put the ball where it needs to be and when it needs to be there. His release is quick and compact. There isn’t any waste of movements. The touch he displays on his deep throws is strong. He drops the ball in a basket and hits his receivers right in stride. Just like the other kids on this list, his ability to lead will be important because he is stepping into the QB role on a team full of senior talent that are ready to win.

Neal looks like he could be a division 3 target by his senior season. His physical trait development over the next two seasons will have a factor if he can land interest from even higher levels. He is definitely going to be a player to keep an eye on as this team has pumped out some impressive talent over the years.

Sam Dodd, 2022- Hortonville

Dodd’s Sophomore Season

Dodd is another young QB bringing a ton of excellent traits to the varsity football field this fall. He has a lot of the physical traits. He has a nice frame and build for the position. His footwork in the pocket is already very clean and quick and Sam does a good job of keeping his eyes connected to his feet so he is always ready to throw. His arm talent is noticeable too. The ball jumps out of his hand with very good velocity. Dodd also is able to maintain accuracy to all levels of the field with that velocity. When the pocket collapses he has the short area athleticism to buy more time and maneuver the pocket.

Dodd looks like he is shaping into a division 2 target by his senior season if he is able to produce at the varsity level. He has the talent and the traits to do it. It is all going to come down to how well he can put it all together and lead the high flying offense in Hortonville. He is going to be a kid to watch over the next couple of years without a doubt.