Posted On: 08/20/20 9:10 PM

Below are five quarterback senior quarterbacks who haven’t received an FBS offer to date. Here at Prep Redzone, we strive to get eyes on all players who can excel at any level despite their recruit ranking. All talented prospects deserve some spotlight and it’s our job to shine some on those who may have gone unnoticed no matter the reason. Without further ado, here are 5 talented senior quarterbacks who haven’t received FBS offers as of yet.

Naman AlemadaNamanAlemada6'5" | QBSouth Fayette | 2021PA – 6’5″, 205lbs, South Fayette

One look at this kid and his awesome size sticks out. Not to say a player can or should receive offers based on size and measurables alone, but if that was the case, Alemada would fit the bill. College coaches love finding a player they can mold, a player who may be raw as far as technique and repetition goes, but so long as they have something to build around they will be recruited. Alemada has that and more! Watching the film makes you scratch you’re head a bit as to how he isn’t on more programs’ radar but it is the case. He’s got the production to back up his prototypical build too. 35 total touchdowns his past junior year? Really like his accuracy and poise in the pocket when facing pressure. He’s a tough kid who is more than willing to hang in there, take a blow, and still deliver a strike. He displays good timing on crossing routes and intermediate routes, keeping his feet aligned with his eyes and making reads decisively. He’s deceptively quick in the pocket and shows good lateral movement to sidestep away from would-be pressure. Absolutely love him rolling out and can make some wow throws rolling to either side of the field. He isn’t a player who can beat you with his legs but definitely not a statue back there. Has a solid arm but love his deep ball accuracy. He consistently hits his wideouts in stride. Alemada has a stiff dropback and a really drawn out release. This is especially the case when throwing deep. There’s quite the wind up when throwing vertically. He hitches often as well, as do many young prospects, but the small things are what make prospects stand out amongst others. Alemada needs to refine his footwork when dropping back and delivering the ball, work on his release consistency because there are times where it looks great but this isn’t always the case. Nonetheless, this kid has so much talent and it’s surprising an FBS program hasn’t reached out yet. He puts out another quality campaign this coming season and he could leave scouts no choice.

Cole SpencerColeSpencer5'10" | QBPine-Richland | 2021PA – 5’10”, 180lbs, Pine-Richland

The reason Spencer may not be receiving FBS offers may be influenced by the fact he isn’t pursuing football at the next level. Spencer is a special wrestling prospect and will pursue the sport in the future at UPenn. Still! Spencer is deserved of spotlight and with another year of high school left, a commitment to wrestle won’t stop a coach from reaching out. Standing at 5’10″ and weighing 180lbs, Spencer is on the smaller side of the ideal size you would like your quarterback to be. However, his height hasn’t stopped his outstanding production or ability to run this offense at a high level and lead the team to victories. Spencer surpassed 3000+ passing yards his junior season while spreading the ball around to his multitude of weapons. Really like how poised and comfortable he is running this offense and making his reads. Hits timing routes really well and understands where he should go with the ball based on pre-snap alignment. He does a good job seeing downfield and hitting open targets 40+ yards deep. Again, a small player but he displays really solid arm strength. His accuracy is terrific when hitting outside breaking routes and near the sideline. He can deliver strikes outside the numbers and throw with touch vertically as well. Spencer tends to hold the ball a little low before release, which takes away from what would be a quick release. Nonetheless, his overall throwing motion is smooth and consistent. He also has a hitch in his dropback which is a common trend amongst high school quarterbacks that can be ironed out. He’s also pretty athletic and can really hurt you with his legs and a passer and a runner. He is special when the play breaks down, always keeping his eyes downfield and trying to make the most out of a broken play and is often successful. He has good open-field vision as a runner as well and can get you yards off his feet alone.

John McNeilJohnMcNeil5'10" | QBHarrisburg | 2021PA – 5’10”, 165lbs, Harrisburg

McNeil is a serious dual-threat quarterback. He isn’t solely a runner, but he does pick his takeoffs well and has really good change of direction ability in the open field. Has good vision when taking off and is tough to bring down! He isn’t afraid of contact and doesn’t look to run out of bounds, consistently fighting for extra yardage. Don’t be fooled by his size, he’s got a big arm and is always looking downfield to make big plays. Much like Alemada, McNeil can stay in the pocket, take on pressure, and still deliver strikes despite being hit. He is also elusive enough to avoid said pressure in the pocket as well. I would like to see more of McNeil’s intermediate and short game. Not much was seen on film of how he addresses quick reads in front of him and if he takes what a defense gives him. Not to say he isn’t capable but we would like to see how he conducts the offense when not attacking vertically. The film shows spotty accuracy too as he isn’t always on target with some throws that require specific timing. That’s a trait needed when thinking about the FBS level. McNeil’s development this upcoming season will be crucial for his future in football if he chooses to pursue further.

Jayden PopeJaydenPope6'4" | QBRoman Catholic | 2021PA – 6’4″, 204lbs, Roman Catholic

Pope is without a doubt the rawest prospect in today’s article. It takes a deep look into his game to see traits that an FBS program would value but they are there. First off is his natural arm talent. He isn’t a big prospect by any means but his arm tends to prove otherwise. He can deliver the ball downfield effortlessly and hit guys in stride when attacking vertically. The second trait is his athleticism. He can and will hurt you with his legs, combining a long stride with a tough running style. He isn’t afraid of contact in the open field and really shows there may be value in switching positions at the next level. There are instances in his film where everything clicks. His eyes match his feet, his release is tight, compact, and quick, and he makes reads quick and throws with a purpose. However, these instances are far and away from being consistent. Again, coaches want to see consistency in a prospects game no matter the position but especially when scouting a potential quarterback. Far too often, Pope’s throwing motion is clunky and stiff. He tends to bring the ball down below the chest pad before the cock back far too often. He throws with non-existent hip motion far too often as well, that great arm could be shown on display more frequently if he can drive the ball downfield with hip power. The good thing is, all of these kinks can be ironed out with a solid offseason of work. Pope is without a doubt on coaches’ radar but there is a lot more to be desired. I see it in him, it’s a matter of putting it all together and putting out great film this coming senior year.

Logan PfeufferLoganPfeuffer6'0" | QBPeters Township | 2021PA – 6’2″, 180lbs, Peters Township

Good size standing at 6’2″ but carries a lanky build that has room to fill out. I would consider Pfeuffer to be the most polished and FBS-ready player on this list. He turned in a highly productive junior year, throwing for 2450 yards, 25 touchdowns, and just 4 interceptions! Awesome poise in the pocket and is super tough. Really impressed with the hits he takes that don’t affect where he wants to go with the ball. His release is high and quick, giving the defense little time to react and make a play on the ball. Great pocket awareness, he isn’t the most mobile player but understands when and where to roll or step out of the pocket to avoid pressure. Shows really good velocity and timing when hitting passes of the middle. He can be counted on to be ready and step into timing routes. Super efficient in his drop back, showing no hitch which is really impressive. Can drop the ball in a bucket, showing great touch in multiple route combinations, especially when attempting fade routes in the endzone. His film shows he can even work the safeties with his eyes to create passing lanes down the seams, an advanced trait to have as a junior last year. There isn’t a throw he didn’t put on film so there really is a question as to why his offers are so low. However, if you put the film out there, someone will find it and spread the word. That’s what we are doing at Prep Redzone. Pfeuffer will most likely see a jump in our rankings when we release a new set this winter.