Posted On: 09/30/20 4:29 AM

We know some folks like to sleep, but we never rest on the “sleeper” prospects of the Dakotas! Take a look at six off the radar tight ends I found from all over the Dakotas that don’t have an offer yet.

Noah Schroeder, Ray-Powers Lake (ND) (2021)

About 10 years ago, I got the opportunity to watch Ray in the state championship game in Grand Forks, but that was well before Noah Schroeder. Schroeder, one of the first sleepers I found when diving into North Dakota, is a great over the top ball catcher for the Outlaws. Also plays linebacker. I think Schroeder could play at the Division III or NAIA level. He stands at about 6’3 but would need to bulk up to play at either position as he only plays at about 185-190 pounds right now.

First Four 2020 Tape

Sanden Graham, Sturgis Brown (SD) (2021)

Graham may be more set for a linebacker, but he also is a solid tight end. Graham is on the quicker side from a speed standpoint compared to most tight ends. Another 6’3 target to throw at that will need to bulk or move into the wide receiver position at the next level with his reliable speed.

Junior Tape

Ashaun Roach-Valandra, Todd County (SD) (2021)

Roach-Valandra isn’t going to break any speed records off the bat, but he has glue hands to make any catch that comes his way. If you need 10-15 yards, he is going to get it for you. Located on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, Todd County is probably an under-recruited territory for college coaches ( that’s where we come in, right?), but I think this kid deserves a shot at the next level. Rock-solid target over the middle of the field.

Jr. Tape

Rafe Wientjes, Sully Buttes (SD) (2021)

Wientjes could be a two-way option, but I think could be a fun project at a tight end. He has limited tight end film, but he has above-average burst off the snap for the tight end position. He’ll need to work on his route running more than just the streak route he runs on film but, hey if you leave open, he’s going to catch the football wherever it’s at over the middle. If you are recruiting in Pierre, take the 35-minute drive north up Highway 83 and give this kid a look. Might be the most under the radar on this list, with only 3 views on Hudl (one was probably mine!)

Tape vs. Warner

Logan Katzer, Canistota/Freeman (SD) (2021)

Katzer might one of the more filled out prospects for the tight end position on this list. In 9-man football, I would put Katzer in my “bully” category as he’s a kid who dominates many smaller players on the football field. Has good hands can do some firm blocking too on the line, as you’ll see on tape. Looks like he has just a couple Division II, and NAIA coaches follow him on Twitter. Still, no offers yet from a program only 40 minutes west of Sioux Falls.

Tape vs. Irene-Wakonda

Ashton Biesterfield, Oakes (ND) (2021)

You’ve seen the play Michael Oher makes in The Blindside where he drives his blocker to no man’s land? Biesterfield has his own play of that on tape! Not much video of Biesterfield catching the football as a tight end, but that blocked showed me so much power, which could be worth a slight look.

Tape vs. Hatton/NW