Posted On: 09/14/20 3:12 PM

Kornblue Kicking is one of the most nationally-recognized training and evaluation companies for kickers, punters and long-snappers. Last Sunday, Sept. 6, the Florida-based group led by Brandon Kornblue made its way out to Loveland, Colo., to host one of its high-profile FAB50 kicking camps.

Although it was a hot and ash-covered day at Loveland Sports Park, many of Colorado’s top kicking recruits turned out to show what they could do and receive instruction from some of the best in the business. Here are six guys who stood out above the rest.

, 2021, K/P, 6’2, 205, Holy Family

Gray stole the show at the FAB50 camp. He earned a five-star rating, which is meant to designate high school recruits who have FBS Division-I ability. Gray won the accuracy competition in which you kick until you miss twice, making seven of his first eight field goals and hitting a long of 55 yards. He also made a 60-yarder in the distance competition. Though it wasn’t a make, Gray impressed the Kornblue coaches even more with his distance when he attempted a 65-yard field goal that hit the top of the right upright.

The Holy Family senior notched a 77-yard kickoff with a hang time of 4.1 seconds in the kickoff competition. As a junior during the high school season last fall, Gray went 5 for 9 with a long of 51 yards. What’s even more encouraging about Gray as a recruit is he has the frame and athleticism to hold up at the Division-I level, measured at 6-foot-2 and over 200 pounds.

Matthew Eich, 2021, K/P, 5’9, 170, Broomfield

Eich is another kicker to receive an official five-star rating from Kornblue at the Loveland camp and just days later, that Division-I endorsement was confirmed when Eich received an offer to play at the University of South Dakota. He made five of his first six attempts in the accuracy competition with a long of 50. He also hit a 60-yarder in the distance competition. In the kickoff competition, all of his kicks were over 65 yards and his long was 71. As a junior, Eich went 10 for 11 with a long of 48 for Broomfield.

Aidan Lehman, 2021, K/P, 6’0, 175, Mullen

Lehman also earned his five-star rating from Kornblue at this September’s camp and for good reason. He hit six of his first seven kicks in the accuracy competition, finishing with a long of 50. He did well in the distance competition and in the kickoff competition, Lehman hit three kickoffs that were at least 68 yards (long of 72) and had at least 3.8 seconds of hang time. He also won the punting competition with a bomb that traveled 58 yards and spent 4.6 seconds in the air.

Lehman went 5 for 7 with a long of 42 yards as a junior.

Bode Page, 2022, K/P, 6’0, 165, Cherry Creek

Page has a 4.5-star rating and is slotted among the top 10 in Kornblue’s FAB50 underclassmen rankings. The young kicker for defending Class 5A state champion Cherry Creek showed why last Sunday, putting his powerful leg on display. He was the only underclassman to hit a 60-yarder in the distance competition. He also shined in the kickoff competition, blasting a 70-yard kick with a 3.69 hang time.

Kaden Lorick, 2023, K/P, 5’8, 130, Broomfield

Still an underclassman, Lorick is already making a name for himself as a young kicker and punter. He’s a four-star player on Kornblue’s FAB50 list of underclassmen and is highly-rated by most others. Lorick will play the rest of his prep career at Broomfield after starting out at Faith Christian. Despite his young age, Lorick more than held his own at last week’s camp. In the accuracy competition, he hit five of his first six attempts with a long of 50.

Evan Lyons, 2023, 6’1, 180, K/P, Monarch

Lyons is another young kicker who is highly rated by most kicking outlets, including a four-star rating from Kornblue. At the camp, he made six of his first seven attempts in the accuracy competition and hit a long of 50 yards. He also made a 58-yarder in the distance competition.

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