Posted On: 10/14/20 1:27 PM

ST. PAUL– Tuesday evening took our talents to Bakken Field to watch the City Conference battle between St. Paul Central and St. Paul Johnson. This 5:00 kickoff started this rivalry, and the Governors were able to come in and get their first win of the season by quite a margin.


St. Paul Johnson would cash in on the first turnover for the Minutemen on the game as Joey Moberg went to work and scored on the read-option from 8 yards out to put the Governors up for the first time in the game. Johnson 7, Central 0

After Johnson got the ball back, we’d see two plays, with back-to-back interceptions, one for Central and one for Johnson. Moberg scampered for 55 yards to the end zone, but it was swiped away by a holding penalty on the Governor’s offensive line. End of First: Johnson 7, Central 0.


Even though this game was not the closest, I have to take my hat off to Central for the amount of blocked extra points they had yesterday. Moberg would score again midway thru the second quarter on another critical run on his evening. XP was blocked. Johnson 13, Central 0.

If you thought Joey Moberg was done playing defense, you would be incorrect. He got another interception off the Minutemen, and the Governors gained excellent field position around Central’s 20-yard line. We’d see Julian Hodges grab an 11-yard pass for Johnson to get his first touchdown of the day. XP blocked. Johnson 19, Central 0. 

Moberg impressed with his ability to close out the half with another touchdown with no time left. Threw a touchdown to his main man, Julian Hodges for his 2nd touchdown of the day from 2 yards out. Johnson 25, Central 0, end of the half.


The Governors wasted no time driving down the field in quarter 3, scoring on another Moberg touchdown. Good news for the Governors, they were able to cash in on the extra point after three consecutive blocks for the Minutemen. Johnson 32, Central 0. 

After punching the Minutemen deep into their own zone, the Governors said Yes Sir! (no pun intended) as Sir Jackson blocked the punt and Keelanhi Cummings jumped on it in the back of the end zone to make Central block another (has to be a state record for kicks blocked) for their fourth of the day. Johnson 38, Central 0, end of 3rd quarter score.


With about 8 and a half minutes left the Governors switched to sophomore QB Knox Ellijah who threw a nice ball to Julian Hodges for their final score of the night. Johnson 46, Central 0.

To close it out, Central would get their first points of the game. A 46 yard rush to the house by Jahiem Omeally which would account for more than half of the Minutemen’s total offense on the night closing out the game. Johnson 46, Central 7. Final

After the game we caught up with Julian Hodges who said on the win “It feels great to win, especially against those guys our archrivals” he told Prep Redzone Minnesota.

For the five touchdown man, Joey Moberg told us “everybody did their part and we got what we wanted in a win.” When asked about what this team can do better in the coming weeks he told PRZ Minnesota “We can get better as a whole unit, and the offensive line is a big part of that,” in which that offensive line blocked for around 300 yards of offense against St. Paul Central last night.