Posted On: 10/12/20 6:27 PM

In this Edmond vs Yukon matchup Friday night we had two very opposite teams on either side. On one side, you have Santa Fe, a modern, spread offense with pass catchers and athletes everywhere. On the other side, you have Yukon, a traditional I-formation/Wing T Triple option attack with lots of muscle and runners. Regardless of offensive strategy though, this game looked to be a shootout early as both teams scored on their first two possessions. However, Santa Fe adjusted to Yukon’s triple/speed option attack with their athletic and aggressive defense and would eventually pull away thanks to a big night from their running backs. Let’s dive in and see what and who the difference makers were in this game.

First Half

As I stated in the intro, this game started off with an offensive explosion. Edmond Santa Fe started the game off with a long and quick drive that took less than 2 minutes and was capped off by a rushing touchdown from Micah SnoddyMicahSnoddy5'10" | Running BackEdmond Santa Fe | 2021OK who had a huge night on the ground. Yukon responded with a long drive of their own that ended with a rushing touchdown from Makari SlaughterMakariSlaughter5'9" | Running BackYukon | 2022OK who also had a huge first half in this game. The rest of the first quarter was similar to the first two drives as Santa Fe would score on a long screen from Angelo Rankin Jr.AngeloRankin Jr.5'10" | ATHEdmond Santa Fe | 2021StateOK, and Yukon would do the same on another Makari SlaughterMakariSlaughter5'9" | Running BackYukon | 2022OK touchdown that was set up nicely thanks to a long kick return. Santa Fe had all the answers early on offense as they spread the ball around pretty evenly and had a nice run-pass balance. On the other side, Yukon looked like they were going to rush for 500 yards on the Wolves through 2 possesions. Yukon QB Brayden DuttonBraydenDutton6'0" | ATHYukon | 2021StateOK was facilitating the offense beautifully and had Santa Fe’s front seven that is full of future college athletes looking confused and overwhelmed. However, Santa Fe would adjust and force a couple of 3 and outs as well as 2 fumbles that would change the momentum in this game. At halftime, Santa Fe would lead Yukon 21-14.

Second Half

After fumbling twice and being held scoreless in the second quarter, Yukon regrouped and drove down the field to tie the game at 21 on the first possession of the 3rd quarter. However, that would be the highlight of the second half for the Millers. Edmond Santa Fe would respond quickly to retake the lead on a 6-yard touchdown from Ethane HycheEthaneHyche6'0" | RBEdmond Santa Fe | 2021StateOK. Going into the 4th quarter we had a one-score game, but by the end of this matchup, you would not be able to tell that it was ever close. Yukon’s offense looked like a shell of itself in the fourth quarter thanks to the athleticism of players such as Collin OliverCollinOliver6'3" | LBEdmond Santa Fe | 2021StateOK, James BurnettJamesBurnett6'2" | LBEdmond Santa Fe | 2021StateOK, and Angelo Rankin Jr.AngeloRankin Jr.5'10" | ATHEdmond Santa Fe | 2021StateOK who all but neutralized the Millers’ rushing attack. Santa Fe would go on to run away with this game by a final score of 42-21 without needing to pass the ball much to players such as Talyn ShettronTalynShettron6'3" | WREdmond Santa Fe | 2022StateOK. The fourth quarter was dominated on the ground by Micah SnoddyMicahSnoddy5'10" | Running BackEdmond Santa Fe | 2021OK who refused to go down in this game and by Ethane HycheEthaneHyche6'0" | RBEdmond Santa Fe | 2021StateOK who put the game away late with a 76-yard touchdown run. In the end, Santa Fe would prove to be the better team by adjusting to their mistakes early and by capitalizing on their opponents’ miscues and turnovers.

Player(s) of the game

Ethane HycheEthaneHyche6'0" | RBEdmond Santa Fe | 2021StateOK – 20 Carries, 230 Yards, 1 Touchdown

Micah SnoddyMicahSnoddy5'10" | Running BackEdmond Santa Fe | 2021OK – 14 Carries, 153 Yards, 2 Touchdowns

Looking Ahead

After starting the season off 0-2, Santa Fe has bounced back in a big way with 4 consecutive wins. However, they will be tested once again in the next two weeks as they have to go to Jenks and then have to take on Broken Arrow at home. If they can go 2-0 or perhaps split those 2 games, they will control their own destiny and have another shot at chasing a gold ball as they had an early exit in the playoffs a year ago.

For Yukon, they came into this game 4-1 with hopes of adding another win before diving into the back half of their season which coincidentally also includes Broken Arrow at home and Jenks on the road. The Millers are in a similar position as Santa Fe, but after Friday night’s matchup, they have some serious questions that need to be answered before anyone is ready to crown them as contenders in 6A-I as they do not have many wins against teams who are in the running for a playoff spot. When running at full capacity this offense is near impossible to stop, but consistency issues may be the downfall of this Yukon team.