There are some great athletes who are lining up on football fields across Florida – and prospects like Dominic Annichiarico (Niceville), A.J. Cortese (Lake Butler Union County), Javaris Jones (Miami St. Brendan – PICTURED), Eli Moore (Southwest Florida Christian Academy) and Tre Simmons (Valrico Bloomingdale) are making a lasting impression.

Posted On: 10/10/20 1:23 PM

While nobody enjoyed this past five months – because of this pandemic – they are making up for lost time now.

Athletes had no spring, summer or camps to get better – and ultimately turn enough heads at the college level.

What has happened so far is many of these impressive prospects have hit the ground running, and do so every week, helping to jump onto the radar – or enhance what they already have going.

Today, we take a look at five more football players from all over the state who have come ready to play – and help themselves.

2021 – Dominic Annichiarico, Athlete, Niceville. This athletic football player can do it all – and no matter where you put him, he will make a difference – like the three-touchdown performance he had a few weeks back. Solid football player who college coaches are starting to pay a lot of attention to.


2023 – A.J. Cortese, QB, Lake Butler Union County. Definitely one of the premier young players in Florida. An athlete who can run, throw and lead – and that’s exactly with this storied program that has produced more than its share of elite performers.


2022 – Javaris Jones, Athlete, Miami St. Brendan. At a program that has stacked its roster with elite football talent over the past three years, here is yet another versatile underclassman that makes it happen on both sides of the ball. His six tackles, one sack – and a TD reception a few weeks back only shows why this is a gifted young man, and he should be watched.


2024 – Eli Moore, QB, Southwest Florida Christian Academy. This is one of those football players to watch now. While he has four years to continue to improve his craft, he is accomplishing quite a lot with this opportunity to get back out and play. In his last outing he was 18 of 29 for 311 yards and 5 TD’s (all in the first half).


2021 – Tre Simmons, QB, Valrico Bloomingdale. This is indeed the football talent that makes this offense go. In a huge win over Plant City, this quality talent completed 13 of 21 passes for 247 yards and four touchdowns.


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