Posted On: 10/6/20 6:44 PM

Our third installment of what will be a weekly run article showcasing prospects who aren’t ranked on our site who statistically impressed and helped their team on a way to a victory. Pennsylvania football has kicked off in parts around the state and we are happy to deliver our third game balls of the season to players who stepped up to the plate and overachieved.

Jaheim White – RB/WR, C/O 2023, York HS

Stat Line – 380 rushing yards, 4 rushing TDs, 1 passing TD

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No film to watch on the season for Jaheim but none the less, the stat line speaks for itself. We are excited to learn more about this up and coming 2023 prospect. From the looks of him, he carries a nice frame to tote the rock as much as he does and can clearly handle a big workload.

Joey Prentice – QB/FS, 6’1″ 200lbs, C/O 2022, North Catholic 

Stat Line: 232 passing yards, 3TDs, 112 rushing yards, 3TDs

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Prentice is a dual-threat junior prospect who shows solid open-field vision and the ability to make correct decisions on read/option plays for North Catholic. That was on display during this game where he took a 65-yard run to the house. There’s no doubting this kids athleticism, but there’s work to be done when passing the ball. He may not continue his career at the quarterback position but if he wants to, I’d like him to be consistent with his mechanics as they are often shakey. He throws deep with a big hitch but hits his targets in stride and on time with accuracy to match. He’s an excellent improviser and can be magic on the run. He’s a superb athlete who was the best player on the field Friday night.

CJ Waldier – WR/DB, 6’2″ 195lbs, C/O 2021, Yough High School

Stat Line: 10 receptions, 166 yards, 1TD

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Another superb athlete. This kid had a night catching the ball but is just as talented playing at his DB/LB spot. Waldier is physical on both sides of the football and plays with speed. The speed shows up when angling to make a sideline-to-sideline tackle or shooting a gap against the run and that same speed shows up after the catch where he displays some serious acceleration. That acceleration shows up on special teams as well, where he excels as a kick returner. He has a future on the defensive side of the ball whether it be at linebacker or safety, he’s instinctual which is something coaches can’t teach. He has clearly worked on keeping his body in tip-top shape which allows him to be a step ahead of his competition. Won’t be unranked for long.

Landan Stevenson – RB/LB, 5’10”, C/O 2023, Mapletown HS

Stat Line: 21 att, 201yds, 1TD

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No film on Stevenson on the year but much like White, his stat line speaks for itself. We will keep our eyes out on future games of his.

Evan Lewis – QB/ATH, 5’10” 170lbs, C/0 2021, Elizabeth Forward HS

Stat Line: 10 att 175yds, 3TDs, 75 passing yards, 2 passing TDs

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Great baseball athlete who is a do-it-all prospect on the field. Lewis is definitely on the smaller side as far as body frame goes, but that doesn’t stop the kid from wreaking havoc and producing. And wow does he produce. Five total touchdowns and three on the run this past Friday. Lewis is the primary ball carrier for Elizabeth Forward and for obvious reasons. He’s under center for EFHS but is more than likely going to take off and does so with ease. He has the natural look and feel of a running back, he displays great lateral agility and awesome awareness. Love how much he can do on the field. He can make plays from his safety spot,  throw passes on time, and hit home runs when taking off from the backfield. His play shows he can handle a ton of mental work which will impress future scouts and coaches who want a kid who can handle a lot on his plate.