Photo: Corey Stas National Preps Showcases

Posted On: 02/25/21 11:38 PM

Here’s an in-depth look at the top defensive linemen that caught scouts attention at the National Preps Showcase in San Diego. 

Photo: National Preps Showcases

Eoghan Kerry, Mater Dei, 2022

Walked away with the overall MVP award after participating in both DL and LB drills and was arguably the best at both positions. Explosive and versatile, he has shown great year over year improvement and has continued to develop his footwork and technique to combine with his natural bend, flexibility, and quickness. Has seven offers to his name so far but still is underrecruited given his talent and upside. Recruitment would look a lot different if he had junior film.


Malachi Cooper, Serra (SD), 2021

Has continued to add good weight to his athletic but physically imposing frame at 6’4″ 265 lbs. Has a good combination of athleticism and power. He showed good pad level/leverage to match his movement and flexibility. Has the ability to physically overpower opponents when he wants too. Committed to San Diego.

Photo: National Preps Showcases

D’Angelo Davis, Serra, 2023

A young developing DL that has a great skillset to build on. Large frame with a strong lower half at 6’0” 260 lbs. He’s a plus athlete that moves well for his size with good short area burst and lateral agility. Played well in limited action as a freshmen in 2019 and has shown good potential and upside. Look for him to be a future impact player for powerhouse Serra of Gardena.


JJ Harden, Mater Dei Catholic, 2022

A fast and athletic hybrid DE/LB. He’s great in pursuit with his ability to change directions and accelerate quickly closing space between him and the ball carrier. He plays with good leverage and shows good strength/power at the POA. Colleges will love his fast and physical playing style combined with his ability to make plays sideline to sideline.

Photo: National Preps Showcases

Darren Hughes Darren Hughes 6'1" | DL Adelanto | 2023 CA , Adelanto, 2023

Great size with a well-balanced and strong frame at 6’2” 285 lbs. Plus arm length with a 78” wingspan. He showed a quick and explosive first step off the ball and a good burst in pursuit. Possesses a lot of natural strength that allows him to overpower opponents and easily geta push or penetration. He’s developing his footwork and leverage but has a solid foundation of natural ability to build on. Already has offers from Nevada and San Jose State.


Sione Moa, Mater Dei, 2022

The 2022 Lineman MVP has a good strong frame at 6’2″ 275 lbs. with a strong upper body. Plays with good leverage and power at the POA. Quick feet and plus mobility for a guy his size. Shows good technique and efficient use of hands. Love his command and use of multiple moves at the LOS. Still waiting for that first offer but has high D1 talent and ability.