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Posted On: 02/22/21 12:01 AM

We have covered the top prospects from last weekend’s Pylon 7v7 as well as mentioning players who dominated that are not ranked on our site who I feel have earned that spot. In today’s piece and final coverage of the event, we will give some love to players who may be ranked, on watchlists, or who are relatively unknown who simply played well. Here are some Under-the-radar performances that deserve final mention.


Khalil Taylor and Elijah Beaty are two prospects who project to place a spot on our next rankings update coming soon. Perryman, Smith, and Williams already hold a spot on said rankings, while McNeil and Mylachi Williams have some work to do. Both prospects are more than capable.


Photo: Via Coach Beaty

Elijah Beaty – DB

5’11″, 160lbs, Bonner & Prendie C/O 2023

Hudl Profile:

Beaty is a new prospect to this site but hardly new to playing defensive back. The prospect has had limited reps at Bonner & Prendie due to a COVID shortened season where B&P preferred to shine as much light on the seniors as possible, rightfully so. What caught my eye is, despite the lack of reps and film, somehow this kid’s as polished as they come. Beaty played well for the Dreammakers, showing quick lateral feet at the line of scrimmage to stay with his man early on. I really like him in a bail technique, he can play the ball well so having his eyes focused inside can help him disrupt passes. Beaty’s got the preferred body type, chiseled frame with good height for his age. Like his overall backpedal form. He keeps his shoulders low to the ground, hands low and comfortable, and feet balanced throughout. Favorite part of his game is his competitiveness against much bigger wideouts. Physical play doesn’t break his focus, as he is seen time and time again staying in-phase with his opponent and making plays on balls he shouldn’t otherwise be in position for. He’s ahead of the curve, hope to see more out of Beaty in the coming months.

Khalil Taylor – DB/RB

5’9″, Westinghouse, C/O 2023

Hudl Profile:

Taylor was a fun one to watch live. He was 412Elite’s most physical corner who didn’t mind scrapping it up and making things difficult for his matchup. Surely enough, one look at his Hudl and you see a highly physical player who primarily plays strong safety and corner for Westinghouse. Taylor’s a productive blitzer from his slot corner position and an excellent open-field tackler. He’s got a knack for forcing fumbles and has shown the ability to set the edge well from his safety and corner spot. He’s athletic and shows good read & react ability when in a bail technique. His Hudl doesn’t show too much pass coverage, yet 412Elite had Taylor at corner and on an island at times where he held his own for the most part. His game suits the field.

Jahmil PerrymanJahmilPerryman5'9" | DBMcKeesport | 2023StatePA – DB

5’9″, 160lbs, McKeesport, C/O 2023

Hudl Profile:

Jahmil PerrymanJahmilPerryman5'9" | DBMcKeesport | 2023StatePA, the 29th ranked prospect in the 2023 class, admittedly deserved a spot on our top prospect performance piece but lands here instead. Doesn’t matter, this kid balled out with three total interceptions for 412Elite who is absolutely loaded in the secondary. He, much like Taylor, is another super physical player with pads on. In fact, despite putting on a great performance at the 7v7, Perryman is a much better prospect with pads on. He’s full of versatility, showing he has the awareness and open-field vision to make plays at punt/kick returner, as well as give quality reps at running back. The same powerful mindset he brings on defense is there when he totes the rock. He’s a downhill, one-cut runner who won’t go down without dragging multiple defenders with him. I do prefer him at safety where he can absolutely maul ball carriers. We hope to continue seeing Perryman develop.

Sincere SmithSincereSmith5'10" | WRWestinghouse | 2023StatePA – WR

6’0, 180lbs, Westinghouse, C/O 2023

Hudl Profile:

We mentioned Sincere recently in a piece highlighting the top wideouts in the 2023 class. The 5th ranked pass-catcher was exactly as advertised. He looked the part and his consistent play may have been overshadowed by other teammates’ performances. Nonetheless, Smith looked sharp in and out of cuts. The track speed was there, Birch found him down the sideline numerous times. I wanted to see how Smith would handle press coverage and physical play at the line of scrimmage when dissecting his latest Hudl tapes. There wasn’t too much jamming and physical play at the 7v7 event, which is to be expected, yet he still showed good explosion in his release. We also had him listed at 155-pounds and the kid is way bigger than that in person. We want him to fill out his pads and that seems to be exactly what he’s doing. We hope he continues to produce at Westinghouse.

Kyle WilliamsKyleWilliams6'3" | OLCentral Dauphin East | 2021PA – ATH

5’11″, 185lbs, Harrisburg HS, C/O 2023

Hudl Profile:

Williams was productive for Philly’s Finest, who made it to the Pylon 7v7 18U finals. Williams caught passes from out the backfield and playing inside slot. He’s another versatile player who can return punts and play wideout as well as catch balls behind the line of scrimmage. He’s got polished hands and was a multi-touchdown-scorer for Coach Tobias Darden. Harrisburg loves to utilize Williams in any way they can and so did Philly’s Finest. He’s got a muscular frame combined with a good height-weight combination. There’s a lot left in store for Kyle, we expect to see Kyle emerge and break out even further this coming season at Harrisburg HS.

Reggie McNeil – DB

Olney, C/O 2022

Hudl Profile: None


Mylachi Williams – WR/TE

I couldn’t dig up much on both of these prospects. Mylachi Williams, a stud freshman at Bonner & Prendie, and Reggie McNeil, an 18U/Srs.Allowed player who just transferred to Olney HS in Philadelphia, both showed flashes of what could be a potential future ranked prospect on our site. Their performances had me eager to see more yet no Twitter pages or Hudl Profiles could be found. Mylachi provided a big-body target in the red zone where he was able to eat up passes for his 15U team. I imagine it won’t take long for that kid to get reps at Bonner and Prendie. McNeil showed consistent technique and really good speed at his corner spot. He was able to run with pretty much anyone and provided two huge back-to-back interceptions for the Playmakers, who went on to win their respective bracket. We at Prep Redzone, including myself would love to see more of each of these prospects to see how they look in pads and to see if they develop in the future.