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Posted On: 03/16/21 5:05 PM

Offensive linemen are hard to come by these days. It takes a particular type of player and particular type of athlete to play any of the five positions now with modern day offenses becoming increasingly more fast. In Mississippi, you are due to find some great linemen each year. This particular class has a lot to offer. Let’s take a look at three guys you may have not heard of yet that could make big jumps in rankings in recruiting circles as the year goes on.

Zyrus Craft Zyrus Craft 6'6" | OL Mount Olive | 2022 State MS | Mount Olive |

For Zyrus Craft Zyrus Craft 6'6" | OL Mount Olive | 2022 State MS , he has never not been the biggest kid in his class. Currently, Craft is listed at 6’6″ 350 and presents that size on tape as well. While he does list offers from Ole Miss and Mississippi State, few other schools have gotten in on Craft. On the field, he instantly has the largest presence of any lineman we have seen this year. He towers over defenders on the other team and even his fellow offensive linemen. Craft has good bend for his size and can get comfortably in his stance. With his quick feet, Craft demonstrates solid athleticism in both the run game and pass game. He has decent upper body strength but wins primarily by being bigger than his opponents. As far as technique goes, Craft is a very raw player. For coaches who love untapped potential, Zyrus Craft Zyrus Craft 6'6" | OL Mount Olive | 2022 State MS presents a lot to love. His big body and athleticism are extremely hard to find.

Joshua Ealy | Morton High |

When watching game tape, it is easy to tell that Joshua Ealy just hasn’t been exposed yet to recruiting circles. This is a guy that oozes potential to be a college guard or tackle. At 6’5″ 330, Ealy has the size to play at any level and be molded into a great player. Ealy has great strength throughout his body and handles defensive ends like rag dolls. He is a big time bully who imposes his power on anybody who gets in the way. With his power and aggression in the run game, he would be a great fit in power spread based offenses at the next level. As a pass protector, Ealy uses his strength again to win. He plays a little high and could use some work on getting his feet faster, but Ealy has a lot of upside. Look for him to make big strides during his senior season.

Cameron Pascal | Union |

Boasting over 85 pancake blocks last season, Cameron Pascal was a dominant force on the offensive line at Union. At 6’4″ 275, he has the size and ability to be a great college prospect as a guard. Pascal plays with a motor that runs hot. If you are in his way, he is going to crush you. The nasty lineman thrives in the run game and routinely punishes defensive ends and linebackers at the second level. Pascal also has great athleticism in his lower body and can run well in space. He has good feet in pass protection and mirrors his man well. Once he punches and is engaged, he stays on his defender until the pass is complete or the defender is on the ground. Pascal is just a flat out dominant and fun player to watch. I would take an offensive line full of him. Pascal also plays basketball and is a pretty dang good center. He currently lists offers from Gulf Coast, South Alabama, and Utah State, but this is a guy with legit P5 upside.

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