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It’s not difficult to see why so many offensive linemen are high up the list in our Class of 2023 rankings.

At schools big and small alike, these seven players stand out amid the fold. Four of the seven were 6-foot-4 (or taller) before they ever started driving a car. And since their folks have to consider spending money on extra leg room, getting an early jump on a path toward reduced or free college seems like a fair trade.

Andrew Threatt Andrew Threatt 6'3" | OL Chesterfield | 2023 State SC

School: Chesterfield

Analysis: The 6-foot-3, 280-pound left tackle has already established himself as one of the best secondary blockers in the state. He releases extremely well and gets into the grill of opposing linebackers who frequently don’t see him coming.

Kanaan Ligons Kanaan Ligons 6'3" | OL Ridge Spring-Monetta | 2023 State SC

School: Ridge Spring-Monetta

Analysis: Coach Brian Smith has a huge advantage in that he’s got some serious size in his trenches. It allows him to keep Ligons at guard, where he’s able to help spread the field in his own way. The 6-foot-3, 290 pounder was recognized as an all-state honoree last fall.

Jack Beachum Jack Beachum 6'4" | OL Indian Land | 2023 State SC

School: Indian Land

Analysis: Beachum is still a relatively lean 265 pounds, thanks in part to his 6-foot-4 frame. However, his strength is undeniable and has colleges thinking they can build him into an every-down player at the next level. In the meantime, he’s gonna keep giving high school players fits.

Jordan Knox Jordan Knox 6'4" | OL Northwestern | 2023 State SC

School: Northwestern

Analysis: We all need to get use to plenty more videos of opposing linemen bouncing off Knox or getting shoved into the grass. With two more years of ball left at Northwestern, the 6-foot-4, 295-pound tackle is building an impressive career highlight film game by game.

Cam Johnson Cam Johnson 6'1" | OL Seneca | 2023 State SC

School: Seneca

Analysis: Johnson has excellent field awareness, specifically when it comes to knowing where the sticks are at. His ability to move off the line in short pass plays makes the Bobcats’ offense so much more effective in that they have a huge blocker running downfield with a head of steam.

Markee Anderson Markee Anderson 6'5" | OL Dorman | 2023 State SC

School: Dorman

Analysis: Dorman’s offensive playbook is run out of a large number of sets, and Anderson grasps them all well. He moves from one side of center to the other, and he can play both the guard and tackle positions. Those facts are all related and feeding off each other.

Monroe Freeling Monroe Freeling 6'7" | OL Oceanside Collegiate Academy | 2023 State SC (Pictured above)

School: Oceanside Collegiate

Analysis: In the time it’s taken you to read this story, there’s a good chance some other school has offered Freeling a scholarship. The 6-foot-7, 275-pound tackle has all the tools to eventually play major college football, and he’s got two more years to develop.

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