Posted On: 03/10/21 8:00 AM

Early analysis of the top quarterbacks on the Prep Redzone 2024 Watchlist.

Rohne Klein Rohne Klein 5'10" | QB Liberty | 2024 WA , QB, Liberty, 5’10” 150 lbs.

A smooth athlete with good footwork and natural arm talent. Keeps active feet in the pocket while scanning the field maintaining a strong throwing platform. Good ability to throw on the run to either direction, shows he can get his hips around and square up his shoulders to make a strong and accurate throw. Demonstrates he can make throws all over the field at various depths but has great trajectory and touch on the deep ball. A dual sport athlete, he’s also an impressive baseball prospect.

Jake Schakel Jake Schakel 6'0" | QB Emerald Ridge | 2024 WA , QB, Emerald Ridge, 6’0” 190 lbs.

One of the most promising young pocket passers in the state. A very technical QB with great fundamentals, footwork, and throwing mechanics in the pocket. Possesses a naturally strong arm capable of making accurate throws at all three depths and allowing his receivers to run after the catch. Has performed extremely well so far this season showing great patience and decision making while going through his progression. Projected to be one of the top 2024 QB’s in the state.

Danny Sirmon Danny Sirmon 6'1" | QB Bothell | 2024 WA , QB, Bothell, 6’1” 200 lbs.

The next in line of the Sirmon brothers at Bothell. He has great size and frame to build on at 6’1” 200 lbs. Most noticeable about Danny is his arm strength and ability to be on target from anywhere on the field. He continuously shows he is capable of making deep throws to the outside on a line or stretch the field vertically with touch. High football IQ, he is able to manipulate coverage with his eyes and go through his progression making smart decisions with the football. He’ll be one of the top QB recruits in the state when all is said and done.

Blake Springer Blake Springer 6'1" | QB Monroe | 2024 WA , QB, Monroe, 6’1” 180 lbs.

Good arm talent with a strong/powerful frame that contributes to his natural arm strength at a young age. Ball comes out quick and in a hurry with high velocity, especially on the short and intermediate routes. On vertical routes, he throws a tight ball with great trajectory and touch. Developing footwork and mechanics in the pocket but does a good job maintaining a tall and well balanced throwing platform with a quick and compact release. Has great tools to build on as he continues to develop and gain experience.

Jake Tiryakioglu Jake Tiryakioglu 6'0" | QB Eastside Catholic | 2024 WA , QB, Eastside Catholic, 6’0” 185 lbs.

Tiryakioglu already has a strong skillset entering his first season in the powerhouse Eastside Catholic program. He shows great maturity, poise, and confidence in his game with a very high football IQ for his age. Flashes good footwork and mobility in the pocket, he’s very controlled and patient with his movement never appearing rushed or panicked. Love his compact and over the top release that allows him to get the ball out quickly and accurately with a flick of the wrist. He will be exciting to watch over the next several years.

Caden Taggart Caden Taggart 5'8" | QB East Valley | 2024 WA , QB, East Valley, 5’8” 165 lbs.

Dual threat QB that is an effective playmaker with both his arm and his legs. He’s a plus athlete with good speed, quickness, and lateral agility. Good pocket passer that is able to maneuver and manipulate pressure. When protection breaks down, he does a great job improvising with his athleticism and turning a broken play into positive yardage. Possesses a live arm with the ability to push the ball vertically or fit it in a tight window with velocity. Good all around talent and natural ability.

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