Posted On: 03/24/21 4:14 PM

Another week is i the books in Oregon, and once again, there were some RB’s who showed up to ball out this week. Some of them putting up ridiculous numbers, here’s a look at the top 5 RB’s of the week:

Caleb Kim Caleb Kim 5'10" | RB Sunset | 2022 State OR , 5’10″ 185lbs, Sunset HS (C/O 2022)

Every week, it seems like Kim is giving us a reason to mention him. He ran 3 TD’s and caught 2 more, giving him a 5 TD night to beat Westview 49-10. Kim is red hot, and has the momentum to really start picking up offers and more attention. He maintains a nice low pad level at the point of contact with solid physicality through the hole. He shows good change of direction with a nice burst when he cuts upfield. He continues to get better every week, and will continue to be a dangerous RB going forward.

Gavin Knights Gavin Knights 5'8" | ATH Thurston | 2022 State OR , 5’9″ 160lbs, Thurston HS (C/O 2022)

Knights had a solid night with 15 carries for 137 yards and 3 TD’s to help Thurston beat Springfield 47-6. He shows solid physicality all around and can run through arm tackles. He displayed excellent balance after contact to stay up and pick up extra yards. He accelerates through the hole well and showcased his lateral mobility in space to be able to quickly cut back/reverse field for big plays.

Preston Ginter, 5’10″ 180lbs, McMinnville HS (C/O 2021)

The senior had a monster game by rushing for over 200 yards and 4 TD’s to beat Liberty High 26-14. Ginter is a mean, downhill runner that displays a nice burst in narrow spaces with a good pad level. His most impressive run came on about a 15-20 yard gain when he was stuffed around the LOS, bounced to the edge, ran a kid completely over and turned a maybe 2-3 yard run into a 15-20 yard gain.

Zack Cehrs, 5’8″ 175lbs, West Albany HS (C/O 2021)

Cehrs carried the ball 15 times for 219 yards and 4 TD’s to help West Albany get the dub over Central High 42-7. Cehrs is a very well-rounded RB. He really emphasizes his ability to pick up opponents in pass-protection. He shows solid vision all around and displays a good burst through opening lanes. Good change of direction and balance and has flashed some big play ability. Definitely an underrated back to watch some tape on if you’re an NAIA or D3 program still looking for a 2021 RB.

Carson Joe Carson Joe 5'10" | LB South Medford | 2022 OR , 5’10″ 200lbs, South Medford HS (C/O 2022)

Joe ran for 174 yards and 2 TD’s to blowout Eagle Point 54-7. He sizes up with a strong, thick frame and is an absolute bruiser to bring down. Very physical back that finishes runs and punishes opponents, yet he flashed his ability to get shifty and make an opponent miss and take it in for a TD as well. He does his best work as a downhill power back as he is a mean ball carrier. Good luck tackling him one on one.