Posted On: 03/23/21 10:26 PM

SHAWANO COUNTY, WISC– With this article on Prep Redzone Wisconsin, we focus on some of Wisconsin’s uncovered areas when it comes to football prospects. When I paged thru the available film, I found plenty of Shawano County prospects that I feel can play at the next level or are on their way to getting there as underclassmen. Our goal with Prep Redzone is one thing: covering the uncovered when it comes to prospects. There’s nothing more rewarding than finding that diamond in the rough prospect from outside a major city that not many college coaches, scouts, etc., know about yet.

With this article, we polled thru plenty of film throughout Shawano County, including the following schools: Shawano Community, Wittenberg-Birnamwood, Bonduel (home of my favorite Kwik Trip), Marion/Tigerton, and Bowler/Gresham (unfortunately, no film available) as we built our “County Prospect List” for Shawano County. Enjoy!

Bonduel Bears

Noah Weier, QB, Bonduel (2024)

Weier was one of the first QBs I got my eyes on from our prospect list, and I came away quite impressed with his film even as just a freshman. Weier has solid precision on his throws, hitting his receivers in stride pretty well. He also has one of the best young arms in the county, in my opinion, and has plenty of years to get even better. I also liked his poise in the pocket as he didn’t seem to get too flustered from some of the throws he was making. In my eyes, this kid has many potentials and could be a college football player shortly out of Shawano County.

Fr. Tape

Jon Sell, DL/OL, Bonduel (2022)

Sell certainly looked like a man amongst boys in some of the film I watched from his 2020 season. Sell moves really well for his 6’4 275-pound frame, in my opinion. He shows off a pretty quick shedding ability and an outstanding motor across the line. Based on the film I saw, it’s easy to tell Sell is looking to play nose guard at the next level, and with some development in his bend, I feel he could undoubtedly be a next-level player as his decent burst off the line is one of the better ones I have seen in the county.

Jr. Tape

Donovan Vigue, DL (2022)

Vigue will undoubtedly need more film in 2021 to show his true craft on the defensive line. He does a good job getting low on the line despite being one of the smaller guys on Bear’s defensive line. He shows good movement and body control to reach into the backfield for tackles.

Tape vs. Southern Door

Wittenberg-Birnamwood Chargers

David Gauderman David Gauderman 6'2" | DL Wittenberg-Birnamwood | 2023 State WI , DL/LB (2023)

There is not much argument on who the best Class of 2023 prospect is from Shawano County and in the state of Wisconsin for that matter, as David is ranked #1 by our guys here at Prep Redzone Wisconsin in that class. What I love about Gauderman is his versatility, where he lines up on defense for the Chargers. Gauderman is one of the only Shawano County prospects I have watched live at our Prep Redzone Wisconsin Showcase and have seen his explosive motor live and in person. Gauderman has a textbook tackling ability and is so fierce on every single tackle he makes. Linemen that don’t block or see Gauderman exploding into their backfield are doing themselves a huge disservice! Gauderman has a motor that can cover some solid ground and has great ball instincts to where the football is going with his vision.

I am sure this won’t be the last time I say this, but Gauderman is a certain Divison I prospect that I look forward to seeing again at our Prep Redzone Minnesota Showcase in May!

So. Tape

Ben Wesolowski Ben Wesolowski 6'2" | ATH Wittenberg-Birnamwood | 2022 State WI , QB/DB (2022)

The first great strength I saw out of Wesolowski at quarterback was his ability to get his wide receivers to change their direction on the fly, which is not something I see a ton of when watching a good QB film. Wesolowski can be seen in my eyes as the best QB Shawano County has to offer as he has strong precision on his throws as well. Wesolowski also does good work making plays with his legs for the Chargers. He also does great work in the Chargers secondary, as his attacking ability when the football is coming his way is another strength of his game.

Wesolowski, I see as another college-level prospect coming out of this Wittenberg-Birnamwood Chargers program.

Jr. Tape

Kaden Schmidt Kaden Schmidt 5'9" | ATH Wittenberg- Birnamwood | 2022 State WI , WR/RB (2022)

When I got my eyes on Schmidt’s film, I saw a scrappy wide receiver that plays a lot stronger than his measurables might show (5’9, 170). You can tell he has a powerful lower body with his strong ability to get yards after contact. He also showed a good reach for the heavier contest balls thrown his way from Wesolowski. He has good footwork on his stop routes, but I think he could develop an even stronger dig in his feet going into his senior season.

Schmidt is the third player I see from the Chargers playing at the next level, as I think he could be a good slot WR in college.

Jr. Tape

Shawano Community Hawks

Elliott Lowney Elliott Lowney 5'11" | ATH Shawano Community | 2022 State WI , WR (2022)

I found Lowney’s film just yesterday; here is a quick evaluation of him:

If I am a cornerback in the Bay Conference, the last thing I want to do is go press coverage on this kid because his burst will burn you for six most of the time. Lowney is super versatile and will line up just about anywhere in the receiving core of the Hawk’s offense. He will be a solid slot receiver at the next level and help any program in the return game.

Jr. Tape

Emerson Prey, OL/DL (2022)

Prey showed off in his early part of his film some quality mobility for getting around the line. Another strength he has is a high engagement level to move multiple bodies on the line. If Prey can develop a better pad level and a more physical punch on the offensive line, he could become a next-level player with a solid senior season.

Jr. Tape

Jackson Smits, OL (2022)

Smits is another Hawks offensive line that could develop a more potent punch from my eyes. He does show some raw potential when he does get a good push on the offensive line against a smaller defender. Smits needs more bend in his hips to go along with his footwork. He does show the motor to get to that second level and can make a push when needed. He will need a big senior year to get a next-level opportunity.

Jr. Tape

Aidyn Poquette, DL (2022)

Poquette was one of the more polished linemen I found on this Hawks defense. His quick shedding ability makes him significantly active in the backfield in the Bay Conference. Poquette is a player that I feel plays bigger from a stance perspective than his measurements will show (5’9, 210). From a development standpoint, if Poquette can work this offseason on his foot speed, I see him as a linebacker at the next level.

Jr Tape

Brady Jones, Nose Tackle (2023)

Jones will need more film to bat more of an eye, but as a young sophomore, he has the time. I was impressed with Jone’s quickstep from the nose tackle position. I was impressed with his physical play on the short reps of film he did have in his sophomore season. He is a kid that has the ideal measurables (6’3, 230) as of right now, and if he can show more tape with his engagement level with the offensive line, he could have an opportunity to play at the next level, but still has some development to see if that is the case!

Hudl Profile

Marion/Tigerton Thundercatz

Ethan Scheef, QB (2022)

Even though you will see Scheef line up at quarterback, he defines the term the bully-back term as a running QB1 for the Thundercatz. When Scheef can use his 6’3 220 frame to run downhill on mostly smaller 8-man rosters, he uses his strength to get plenty of yards after contact at that level. Scheef even has some decent footwork to go along with his rushing attack. Although he doesn’t pass much, he still has good throwing mechanics and a decent touch throwing the football.

Not sure if Scheef is pursuing football at the next level, but if so could be a quality fullback at the next level with some blocking development as he certainly can lay some wood even when he’s getting tackled.

Tape vs. Tri-County