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The Garden State has some of the best high school football players that you may not know about. Of course, the players that have the offers, rankings, and stars get the most attention. Just because an athlete doesn’t have any or all of those things doesn’t mean he’s not a baller. Prep Redzone NJ looks at some players from the Garden State that deserve your attention.

Andrew Medina Ι 6-2 Ι 170 Ι Safety Ι New Milford Ι 2022

Medina had a decent season as a dual-threat quarterback on a team that mostly ran the football. In six games, Medina threw for 423 yards and six touchdowns and ran for another 254 yards on the ground. He also plays on the defensive side of the football at the safety position. He’ll need to put some weight on and get stronger once he gets to the collegiate level. There’s not a lot of film of him in coverage on his highlights. I got to evaluate him in person, and I saw enough to make me believe he can transition to the safety position full-time in college. It’ll be important for him to get in front of college coaches to show off his coverage skills.

Ryan Adams Ι 5-11 Ι 170 Ι Cornerback Ι St. Peter’s Prep Ι 2023

Adams plays on a St. Peter’s Prep team that finished the 2020 season ranked as the No. 8 team in the country. For him to get varsity starts on a team that good says a lot about his talent and potential. According to his Hudl highlights, Adams was targeted 18 times. He finished the 2020 season with 11 solo tackles, five pass breakups, one interception, and one touchdown. He does a solid job of getting off blocks and making tackles against the run. I’m impressed with his technique in off-man coverage. He needs to work not letting the wide receiver get a free release off the line of scrimmage.

Nevin Devila Ι 6-1 Ι 268 Ι Center Ewing HS Ι 2023

Devila plays hard and finishes blocks, as evidenced by the several pancakes on his highlights. He’s a bit undersized at center but plays with a lot of heart. He’ll need to work on getting out of his stance a little quicker. From a technique standpoint, he could control his man more if he fully extended his arms while blocking.

Marshawn Ferguson Ι 5-11  Ι 175  Ι DePaul Catholic Ι 2022

Here is what Prep Redzone Director of Recruiting Jake Lemming said about Ferguson in October 2020:

I was sent Ferguson’s tape over the weekend and came away very impressed by what he was able to do as just a sophomore. This is a smart football player, who understands coverages and where to sit down in them. He’s tough going across the middle and is willing to take a shot if it means getting a first down. He’s only just a junior, so I could see his recruiting starting to heat up after this season.

I’ll just add that if he continues to work on getting in and out of his routes quicker, along with his speed, it’ll make him an even better slot receiver prospect for the next level.

Frankie Farmer Ι 6-2.5 Ι 188 Ι Quarterback Ι Central Regional Ι  2022

From a passing standpoint, Farmer is at his best when he’s lined up in a spread formation. It allows him to scan the field and gives him more targets to work with. Farmer showcases his mobility and ability to extend plays with his legs in his highlights. Can make short and medium throughs from the pocket and on the move with accuracy. Would need to see more on film to evaluate his accuracy and arm strength on deep throws.

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