Dorion McGarity (left) and Johnny Bellino (right) competing at the Jenkins Elite Camp

Posted On: 03/24/21 7:19 AM

With the season looking more likely to actually happen as time goes on, it's time to get ready for the season and dive into which players you should be looking out for.

Lucas Hilsenrath Class of 2021 Whitman

Hilsenrath is one of the top athletes in the county. Hilsenrath is versatile as he can line up in the slot, on the outside, he can return kicks and punts, and he can even line up in the backfield. Hilsenrath is a real big-play threat due to his speed. Whitman does a great job of getting the ball in Hilsenrath's hands and when the ball is in his hands he is dangerous as every play can be a house call. Coaches looking for an explosive player or a big-play threat should look no further as Hilsenrath is the perfect guy for that role.

Jose Cabrera Class of 2021 Walter Johnson

Cabrera is 6'1 however when you watch him play he plays much bigger than that. Cabrera is your typical big physical receiver. Cabrera has an amazing catch radius which allows him to catch balls that are off-target that most receivers would not be able to. Cabrera routinely comes down with tough catches

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