Posted On: 03/23/21 12:35 PM

Everyone notices the tight end position when the athlete in that spot makes the big play: an awe-inspiring touchdown grab or a big catch and run, trampling and dragging defenders in the process.  It isn’t as often that a tight end is noticed for the dirty work done in the trenches blocking and sacrificing their bodies.  These young men do it all.  

Brodie Anderson Brodie Anderson 6'3" | TE Manson Northwest Webster | 2022 IA , Manson Northwest Webster, hudl, Twitter

TE, 6’3, 205

Anderson is too fast for Linebackers to cover, too big for Defensive Backs to cover, and too physical for edge defenders to battle at the line of scrimmage.  He runs outstanding seams down the middle of the field and is very dangerous on crossing patterns.  Flying off the ball in his offense that runs a variety of tight formations suits him well.  Anderson makes plenty of catches in traffic while fighting the contact of his opponents.  He also does an impressive job of out leveraging defenders in man coverage; Anderson crosses face if an opponent opens their hips too soon and gets wide open.  He is technical, mean and gets a lot of drive when blocking.

Aiden Sorensen Aiden Sorensen 6'3" | TE Cedar Falls | 2022 IA , Cedar Falls, hudl, Twitter

TE, 6’3, 200

Sorensen has excellent hands and runs crisp routes; he is valuable in the passing game and a reliable target at the sticks or in the red zone.  He is highly capable once he has the ball in his hands and can turn upfield to pick up hard earned extra yardage.  What excites most, though, about his game is his blocking.  With his hand in the ground he can bring first-class direct pressure to Defensive Linemen and Linebackers that clears space and paves the way for ball carriers.  When lined up at H-Back Sorensen can wham, kickout, pull, insert, and arc as good as anyone.  The quality, physicality, and diversity of his blocking is a huge, playbook opening asset. 

Gannon Williams Gannon Williams 6'4" | TE Marshalltown | 2022 IA , Marshalltown, hudl, Twitter

TE, 6’4, 210

Williams is a huge middle of the field and red zone target who uses his big frame and catch radius really well to make plays in traffic.  Williams knows how to attack zones to get open between defenders and often catches passes as he is splitting coverage.  He takes advantage of man coverage with impressive footwork; Williams can create space to work with excellent cuts and keeps defenders from being able to make plays on the ball.  As a blocker Williams takes advantage of smaller Linebackers and Defensive Backs in space.  He matches athleticism to square them up and then uses top-notch strike mechanics to bully them away from the ball.

George Williams George Williams 6'5" | TE Roosevelt | 2023 IA , Roosevelt, hudl, Twitter

TE, 6’4, 210

Williams brings a lot of value to the table as a Tight End, H-Back, or Slot.  He has remarkable blocking mechanics that are present downfield and at the line.  Williams can insert, scoop, and lead on plays like GH Power or Sweep.  Williams is a beast on crossing patterns, especially when he is a backside target on roll out.  He is tough to pick up in zones and makes contested catches.  What he does so well from the Slot, when his Quarterback is dropping back, is get in front of defenders who are trying to cover the crosser opposite him or immediately go block a Linebacker on a quick pass.  He picks them and gets his teammate wide open time and again.

Nicio Adame, Logan Magnolia, hudl, Twitter

TE, 5’11, 205

Adame poses a big threat in the passing game from the H-Back or Slot position.  Adame is capable of stretching the field on Seam and Corner routes; he is just as dangerous on underneath routes like outs and drags.  Adame can be tough for defenders to pick up out of the backfield.  He is so good at inserting from the H or cracking as a Slot and many of his routes start off that action.  Anyone keying him is likely to think run, they get a false read, and Adame is open.  He has strong hands and has a physical running style that is very difficult to tackle.  As a blocker Adame uses impressive leverage, power, and lateral quickness to execute assignments.

Kai Black Kai Black 6'4" | WR Urbandale | 2023 State IA , Urbandale, hudl, Twitter

TE, 6’4, 205

Black is incredibly versatile and can lineup across formations on passing downs to create mismatches that can be taken advantage of.  He is truly the prototypical modern Tight End who has the size to play in the box and the speed to tally plenty of receptions.  His routes are crisp and vast: he runs excellent posts, corners, outs, hitches, slants, and whips.  There are many ways his offense can get the ball in his hands through the air.  Black makes catches through traffic, gets wide open with speed, and is the ideal jump ball target in the red zone or on the sideline.  Black is also an impressive downfield blocker who lesser opponents just can’t defeat.

Vince Benetti Vince Benetti 6'4" | WR Adel DeSoto Minburn | 2023 State IA , ADM, hudl, Twitter

TE, 6’4, 210

Benetti breaks tackles and has breakaway speed; he is incredibly tough to defend over the middle of the field.  Benetti makes contested catches and is a challenge for smaller Safeties to cover.  He runs seam and stick routes pulling in very athletic catches behind Linebacker depth.  He is also someone opposing defenses need to account for as his team looks to move him around formations to create mismatches.  Benetti will, for example, line up as the single Receiver in Trips to be thrown a jump ball against a shorter Corner when his team needs a big play.  Benetti blocks well too; he does a great job of scooping the box or sealing the edge.